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Hamm Brothers Featured in USA Today

Paul and Morgan Hamm were featured in an article that ran in today’s issue of USA Today.

Jill Lieber Steeg writes, “After not competing in three years, opting instead to finish their education at Ohio State, combined with now being 24 years old, the Hamms say their transition from couch potatoes to Cirque de Soleil-style performers has been a grind.

“It’s just been harder to comeback than we’d anticipated,” Paul says. “It’s taken longer. The gymnastics we’re required to do now is a lot harder. And getting back is hard. It’s really hard to actually come back to the sport because it demands so much out of you.”

Read the full story: “Gymnasts embark on Hamm-bling comeback” in USA Today (PDF)


Posted on: August 13, 2007
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