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Sharing The Dream Tour Set to Kick-off

Stanton-Shade represents a diverse group of female athletes who are American and World record holders, Olympic medalists, and pioneering athletes paving their way to the top in their respective fields, in and out of the competition venues.

A key component of Stanton-Shade’s mission is to introduce these women to America, to make aware the feats that are taking place so that the stories get to the public and inspire Americans.

The Sharing The Dream Tour is part of that mission and more. From November 1-6, the tour will show young women and men (and their parents, coaches, teachers) that the athletes they see on TV do not come in just one package. The women driving this tour are different in personality, size, shape, interests, geographic background, and family history, yet each one has found their gift, their niche, and is taking it to the limit with passion, hard work, and enthusiasm.

Young people often believe that there is a certain mold that they must fit into to reach the top. What if a young woman watching the Olympics does not connect with the figure skater she sees on TV? How would she know that there are so many other athletic worlds that might be just right for her? When she meets the five women from the Sharing the Dream tour she might just connect with one of them. Perhaps it will be the petite gymnast, or maybe she will see the power and strength of the Olympic weightlifter and her eyes will widen with inspiration and a connection.

The tour includes these five Stanton-Shade athletes:

Shannon Miller: 7 time Olympic gold medalist – the most decorated gymnast in US history

Angela Ruggiero – Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist ice hockey player – a three-time Olympian

Cheryl Hayworth – Olympic bronze medal winning weightlifter – super heavyweight division, and strongest woman in the western hemisphere

Natalie Woolfolk – Olympic hopeful weightlifter – American record holder in every event in her weight class (63 kilo)

Sheila Taormina – trying to become the first person in history to make an Olympics in three different sports (swimming, triathlon, and now trying for modern perntathlon).

In addition to the athletic backgrounds, these women have diverse educational and personal histories.

Shannon completed law school this year at Boston College and ran her first marathon.
Angela is a Harvard graduate and was a finalist on Donald Trump’s “Aprrentice.”
Cheryl has a degree in Historic Preservation from the Savannah College of Arts, and she is an extremely talented artist….find some of her work at
Sheila has a masters degree in business and has had her own company for a decade.
Natalie is currently studying Organizational Management at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. Cheryl and Natalie both astonish people with their cooking talents as well!

Cities on the tour:

The Sharing the Dream tour is kicking off in Michigan, with three cities organizing events. In the future the plans are to expand the tour to other states and touch as many people as possible.

The kick-off date is November 2, 2007 in the downriver Detroit area of Trenton, Micigan. On November 3, another Detroit suburb, Livonia, will host the event at Churchill High School. The final city in Michigan is Houghton, in the northwest corner of the upper peninsula of Michigan. The event there wil take place at the athletic building on Michigan Tech’s campus…..big hockey town spirits!

Each city has approached the organization of the event in a team-like fashion. The school boards, city adminstrations, parks and recreation departments, local business community leaders, mayoral offices, and hospitals are joining forces to bring the event together.

In Livonia, the Radish Creative Group, led by Amy Weber has offered their production expertise to make the event a unique, energetic, and unforgettable experience for the participants with music and many other stand-up-and-clap surprises, all while hearing the important messages that the five Stanton Shade athletes are sharing.

Don’t miss being a part of this. Find out how you can get involved. Contact the Parks and Recreation Departments in Livonia and Trenton, or the Fitness Center at Keweenaw Memorial Medical Center in Houghton.

Check out the Sharing The Dream Flyer (PDF)

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Posted on: October 25, 2007