Chow Featured in China Daily |

Chow Featured in China Daily

Qiao Liang says the most difficult thing in life is to do a double-double flip. If you can pull that off, he says, you can do anything.

In that case, Chow (as he is better known in the west) did a double back flip out of China, and with a double twist, dismounted in the US, accomplishing more in his charmed life than few can even dream about.

After a successful career as a gymnast in China, Chow immigrated to the US where he studied English and Sports Science at the University of Iowa in the early 1990s. He quickly got into coaching gymnastics for the university, leading many men and women college gymnasts to stardom.

But after seven and a half years of coaching college students, Chow decided he could make more of a difference by getting to the gymnasts at a younger age, “so I don’t have to fix up somebody else’s techniques,” he said.

So he set to work on a dream of his: opening his own gymnastics studio. Over the next year, he built Chow’s Gymnastics and Dance Studio, literally by hand sometimes. One decade and many talented gymnasts later, Chow is a coach for the US National Gymnastics Team, all but assured of taking his star pupil, Shawn Johnson, to Beijing in 2008 to compete in the Olympics.

Read the full story: “A Perfect Zen” – China Daily (PDF)

Posted on: October 31, 2007
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