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Michigan Welcomes Sharing the Dream Tour

Michigan, October 31, 2008 – A diverse group of female Olympic athletes is banding together for the first-ever “Sharing the Dream Tour,” a four-day tour throughout the state of Michigan. Throughout the tour, five incredible athletes will do clinics and demonstrations, speak to large groups of kids, and inspire many by sharing their unique stories and dreams.

Envisioned and created by athlete Sheila Taormina, the “Sharing the Dream Tour” is geared towards inspiring young women and men (and their parents, coaches, teachers), and exposing to them to athletes in different sports, and showing them that elite athletes come in all shapes and sizes, have different personalities, interests and goals, and come from varied geographic backgrounds and family histories. The athletes will talk about their stories and paths, and show that the one thing that unites them all is that each has found their unique gift, and is pursuing their dreams with passion, hard work, and perseverance.

These athletes were united through their representation, sports marketing agency Stanton Shade. Taormina recognized a unique opportunity to bring these women together. The tour will include five athletes as follows:

  • Cheryl Hayworth, weightlifter – Olympic bronze medalist, super heavyweight division, and “strongest woman in the western hemisphere”; has a degree in Historic Preservation from the Savannah College of Arts, and she is an extremely talented artist
  • Shannon Miller, gymnast: 7-time Olympic gold medalist – most decorated gymnast in US history; completed law school this year at Boston College and ran the NYC Marathon last year (first marathon)
  • Angela Ruggiero, ice hockey defenseman – Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist from 3 Olympic Games; a Harvard graduate and was a finalist on Donald Trump’s “Apprentice”
  • Sheila Taormina, Pentathlete/Triathlete/Swimmer – with a gold medal in swimming from the ’96 Olympic Games and after competing in Olympic triathlon in 2000 and 2004, working to be the first athlete ever to compete in a third Olympic sport; has a masters degree in business and has had her own company for a decade
  • Natalie Woolfolk, weightlifter – American record-holder in every event in her weight class (63 kilo); currently studying Organizational Management at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

“Young people often believe that there is a certain mold that they must fit into to reach the top,” says Taormina. “When young girls meets the five women from the “Sharing the Dream Tour” they might just connect with one of them and be inspired to try a new sport or pursue a new dream.”

This three-city tour will kick off November 1st in Trenton, move through Livonia on the 2nd and finish in Houghton on November 3rd. The athletes will travel by camper from one city to the next, welcomed in each city by various local companies, organizations and community groups. Each city has approached the “Sharing the Dream Tour” in a team-like fashion. Everyone from the school boards, city administrators, and parks and recreation departments to local business and community leaders, mayoral offices, and hospitals are joining forces to make the tour a success.

As the first of what will become an annual event with the potential to expand to more cities with more athletes, the “Sharing the Dream Tour” begins Friday.

Posted on: October 31, 2007
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