Gretchen Bleiler: Aspen’s Favorite Cover Girl |

Gretchen Bleiler: Aspen’s Favorite Cover Girl

Being the dogged competitor she is, Gretchen Blelier nev­er wants to be fourth in anything.

Except this: the fourth female athlete to grace the cover of ESPN The Magazine.

Aspen’s own snowboarding siren has been asked to pose for plenty of glossy covers – most memorably for a lad mag­azine wearing nothing but body paint – but none of those experiences compare to this most recent one, Bleiler said Thursday.

“It’s an incredible honor,” said the 26-year-old local, whose jam-packed, ambidextrous life as a halfpipe innova­tor, fashion designer, pitch woman and role model is cap­tured in precise detail in the magazine’s cover story, on newsstands now. “I haven’t experienced the fame of the magazine yet. I think it’s just so new. It is exciting. I have worked really hard in snowboarding to get where I am, and I so love to take advantage of the opportunities that I’ve had because of the success I’ve had.”

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Posted on: January 19, 2008