Bleiler and Leskinen Meet Up with Oakley Women's Team in Aspen |

Bleiler and Leskinen Meet Up with Oakley Women’s Team in Aspen

Last weekend, amidst threats of multiple snow storms, the Oakley women’s team gathered in Aspen for what was planned to be a spring park shoot. Buttermilk was the girls private playground and after one day of grey skies and a couple inches of accumulation, the next two days were bright, hot and perfect for spring shooting.

The Buttermilk/Aspen park crew set up some park rails, an up box, a gap jump, a hip and a picnic table jump over a bon fire to keep the girls busy on the three day shoot. Skiers Grete Eliassen and Kristi Leskinen were joined by snowboarders Elena Hight, Chanelle Sladics, and Gretchen Bleiler as well as skateboarders Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins and Lauren Perkins.

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Posted on: April 21, 2008
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