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MISSION Product Sponsors Bleiler, Haskins, and Mendoza

MISSION Product™, the first Athlete-Engineered Skincare™ line, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking, high-performance products. Gretchen Bleiler, Sarah Haskins, and Jessica Mendoza have all been added to the list of MISSION sponsored athletes.

“Athletes who have been forced to compromise with inferior skincare offerings now have an array of innovative, high-performance products, engineered by athletes, to meet their needs” said Josh Shaw, MISSION Product’s Founder and President. “MISSION Product will revolutionize how athletes hydrate, nourish, restore, and protect their skin, whether they’re an Olympic hopeful, a running enthusiast or
even a weekend warrior.”

Some of the world’s most accomplished athletes, including two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash, two-time Olympic gold-medal swimmer Amanda Beard, two-time Olympic gold-medal soccer player Mia Hamm, 2008 X Games Halfpipe Gold Medalist Gretchen Bleiler and extreme endurance athletes Charlie Engle and Hunter Kemper, have joined the team at MISSION Product and are intimately involved in
product innovation and development.

The starting lineup for MISSION Product includes a sunscreen with SPF 30 and anti-sting technology, a vitamin lip balm with SPF 20, a long-lasting anti-friction cream, a restorative foot gel and a revive body gel for post sun and wind exposure. In addition to these five products, the company has numerous innovations in development, several of which are scheduled for launch before the end of the year.

MISSION Product is free of preservatives and irritants, and is animal cruelty-free. “With natural, high-
quality ingredients, MISSION Product is better for your skin AND the environment,” said Gretchen

Posted on: May 6, 2008