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We Heart Gretchen

Source: FUEL TV

In case you missed it on TV, the ESPY awards just happened and once again last week and a handful of action sports athletes were invited into the mix. FUEL TV’s Daily Habit rocked the red carpet with pro snowboarder Keir Dillon on the mic, catching up with Kevin Pearce, Kevin Robinson, Torah Bright and of course one of our all time favorites, Gretchen Bleiler.

Bleiler was dressed like an ESPY statue herself in a stylish gold number, which might have helped her get the Best Female Action Sports Athlete award for 2008. We also got little clip of her here where she gives us the run down on her new skincare line that she’s doing with baller Steve Nash. Yeah, that’s right, Nash is involved in a skincare line. Now Sheckler’s not the only dude pushing moisturizer. Guess that’s the cool thing for athletes to do now.

And a little more of a Gretchen update, the silver medalist heads to Beijing to work for Yahoo Sport’s Summer Olympic coverage for three weeks! Catch her updates and interviews with athletes on Yahoo Sports.

If you watched the ESPYs tell us what you thought and should they be doing more awards for action sports athletes…

Posted on: July 29, 2008