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Weekend Warrior: Dealing with injuries and recovery

Source: 9NEWS.COM By Susie WarginIt doesn’t matter if you run one mile a day or bike 100 miles a day, at some point an injury and/or discomfort is going to set in somewhere on your body. What should you do?

The latest installment of “Weekend Warriors” featured former US Olympian Joanna Zeiger who has won her fair share of triathlons, including Ironman distances. Joanna joined Susie Wargin along with the founder of 5430 Sports, Barry Siff.

Joanna had hopes of making the 2008 Olympic team (she finished 4th in 2000 in Sydney), but because of some setbacks, didn’t finish with a good enough time at the Olympic Trials. To read more about Joanna and her unexpected “Plan I”, visit her webpage at www.joanna-zeiger.com

Joanna talked about setbacks and injuries saying the most important thing to do is get them checked out immediately and work on a remedy/rehab. Don’t continue to train on something that is hurting.

She and Barry also talked about the importance of recovery after a race. It’s so important to get rest, massage and ice anything that hurts. The longer the race, the longer the rest needed. To listen to what Joanna had to say, visit the video link to the right of this article.

Joanna’s next race is the 5430 Long Course put on by Barry’s company 5430 Sports. Susie is also racing in this ½ Ironman distance event, but will come in LONG after Joanna!

Posted on: July 29, 2008