Chanelle Sladics Crowned Homecoming Queen |

Chanelle Sladics Crowned Homecoming Queen

Chanelle Sladics Crowned Snowboard Homecoming Queen!

Female pro skier pioneer Kristi Leskinen hosted an all-female ski and snowboard invitational last weekend at her home mountain of Seven Springs near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The all-girls crew celebrated Spring Break and competed for the first place prize of $5,000 over the three-day weekend.

Chanelle Sladics took home the gold and the Homecoming Queen Crown. Chanelle’s rail tricks were super tech and from there she went into a cab three, cab five to front five. Syliva Mittermueller, deep in training already for the Olympics, was riding super strong and took home the silver. Her run was incredibly smooth. She went from a back one into a switch back five to a front seven. Maribeth Swetkoff spun her way into third.

The snowboard and ski girls all worked hard together to dial in the course and it was one of the best of the season. Snow Park Technologies came in and built the initial features and the awesome Seven Springs crew kept it meticulously maintained.

On the ski side, Kaya Turski wrapped up the crown with Grete Eliassen taking second and Kristi taking home the bronze at her own event.

Beyond the competition, Kristi had tons of activities in store for the girls including a trip to the skeet shooting range, where Hana Beaman did work, a bowling party, indoor putt-putt golf and topped off with a Monster Party at the Matterhorn Bar at Seven Springs.

“I really wanted the ski and snowboard girls to have a contest together and be able to hang out in a super fun environment,” said Kristi. “We’re all friends and have a great time cheering each other on.”

Fun was definitely the name of the game at Homecoming as from sun up to sun down, the ladies were making up for not having a Spring Break and turning the long weekend into one to remember. The University of Delaware had invaded Seven Springs and quickly made friends with all the girls and turned our parties into even bigger ones.

The resort and community in Pennsylvania were incredibly accommodating, friendly and generally stoked to have the girls there. An amateur rail jam went down on Sunday and over 100 kids from the general area came out to thrown down and win a boat load of prizes from Oakley and Monster, the presenting sponsors of the event.

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Posted on: March 14, 2009