STANCE TEASER: Gretchen Bleiler and Jamie Anderson to appear in all-women snowboard film. |

STANCE TEASER: Gretchen Bleiler and Jamie Anderson to appear in all-women snowboard film.

STANCE: New Female-Powered Snowboard Film Gathers Steam

Salt Lake City, UT/ March 24, 2009. Women’s products are the fastest growing segment in snowboarding, yet despite the number of female riders you see on the hill, it’s easy to lose sight of this fact. Women’s riding often seems relegated to the sidewalk next to the highway known as “men’s snowboarding.” And nowhere is this equation more true than on the filming front.
STANCE, the new HD project from Jmills Ent, is set for release in Fall ’09-and it’s set to reexamine women’s snowboarding from the inside out. By combining the most innovative and progressive female riders, including Olympic medalist Gretchen Bleiler and the X-Games’ youngest Gold medalist ever, Jamie Anderson, with the latest advances in cinematography, STANCE is already positioned as the one film everyone wants in on.
As the brainchild of lensmen Jeremy Miller and Stan Evans, two veterans of the scene from Salt Lake City, STANCE comes with a core credibility unrivalled by any female films to date. Miller and Evans have worked with the biggest names in the sport, male and female, and snowboarding’s who’s who (Travis Rice, Marc Frank Montoya etc.) have long had them both on speed dial. But it’s the scope and ambition of STANCE that truly sets it apart from the pack:
NO BRO CAMS HERE: This is highly conceptualized, deliberate filmmaking-not your average handheld “bro cam” session down at the schoolyard. By shooting only the best riders, we can guarantee that only the best shots-and tricks-will make the final cut.
WHAT’S A STORYBOARD? Since “fixing it in post” is never as good as doing it right the first time, we will be filming on the RedOne camera using dollies, jibs with 360-degree swivel-heads, cranes, fig-rigs, 3.2k lighting, and green screen animation for the video aspect. We intend to elevate the genre by elevating both our filmic output and the riders’ performances. Fresh insights equal fresh footy.
STEP-UP: As the sole major female production slated for release in ‘09,

STANCE is in a unique position to expand on the work of the those who have been promoting women’s snowboarding in the best light. By incorporating our cutting-edge technology and decades of experience shooting the sport’s true greats, Jmills Ent can deliver the genre-defining female film everyone has been waiting for.
CLOSING PART: With the sport’s top female talent already on lock-down, we have the commitment necessary to capture and craft something truly great. Our shooting schedule includes legends like Gretchen Bleiler, Jamie Anderson, Hana Beaman, Lisa Filsmozer, Torah Bright and other riders supported by major manufacturers such as Oakley, Billabong, DC, Helly Hansen, Ride, K2 as well as partnering with Snowboarder Magazine.

IMAGINE NATION: By combining forces with the industry’s best brands and riders our aim is not only to create the most innovative female snowboarding film to date, but to start a larger initiative to push snowboarding’s creative and cinematic boundaries. With Jmills Ent as an avenue for professional athletes and media artists to express themselves to their full potential, new ground can be covered.
STANCE will be a platform that shredders, core and recreational alike, are excited to take part in. You know your STANCE-now come take a look at ours.

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Posted on: March 24, 2009