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Jamie Anderson gives Fitness Tips to SELF Magazine

Move over Shaun White!

Stoked isn’t a word I often use but it really is the right one to describe the feeling of meeting the inspiring pro snowboarder Jamie Anderson. At just 18 years old she’s already a two-time X-Games gold medalist (and a designer for Billabong snowboard jackets and pants) with dreams of qualifying for the Olympics this winter. And she definitely has the drive to do it: last season she broke her pelvis and two months later ruptured her spleen (“It was gnarly,” she admits) but still managed to score enough wins to be crowned the Burton Global Open Series Champion. How does she do it? Read on for scoop on one to hopefully watch in Vancouver–and get her secrets to staying in winning shape!A

Q: What’s it like to be a woman in a sport that’s mainly men?A “It’s cool because I get to travel to the same events and compete with the guys. Female skiiers don’t really get to do that as much. It’s super cool that women snowboarders are really respected like that.”A

Q: How has the sport changed your body?A
“It’s definitely made me stronger, everywhere from my core to my arms. In a typical day of practice I’ll do 100 foot runs down the slope then hike back up it lugging my board at least 10 times. You really feel it in your legs and your arms.”
Q: What’s your workout off the slopes?A
“Three days a week I work with a trainer for about an hour. He really pushes me and he’s definitely helped me a lot with getting in shape. We’ll do all the stuff I hate to do on my own: planks, medicine ball throws, sprints on stairs, pushups and jump ups. It’s tough.”
Q: Do you feel pressure to make it to the Olympics?
“Kind of — but I just want to do well for myself. I try to block out thinking about the pressure. I don’t want to be bummed out about what I can’t change, so at competitions I just listen to music and keep mellow and go with the flow and have fun!”
Q: What is it that you love so much about snowboarding?A
“It’s just awesome! I mean when you think about it, you’re on a piece of wood that’s waxed and riding down a mountain. It’s crazy! But I just love it. It’s my favorite thing to do!”
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Source: self.com
Posted on: June 10, 2009