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Swimming World Announces Open-Ended Facebook Fan Page Interview With Olympian Kara Lynn Joyce

OLYMPIAN Kara Lynn Joyce will join Swimming World’s Facebook Fan Page for an interactive online discussion with our Fan Page fans this Thursday, Oct. 29.

Joyce will periodically check in and respond to the questions and comments our fans leave on the official message thread we will set up Wednesday on our Fan Page. We appreciate the opportunity Joyce has given us and our fans by volunteering her time to answer questions that you may have, and to help give her fans an inside view of her life.

This is an opportunity for any true KLJ fan to find out her inner secrets to success. It is also a chance to discover why her favorite color is hot pink, or who influenced her swimming as a child. Ask any question you wish, and Joyce will get to as many of the questions as she can throughout the day.

Joyce has won four silver medals in the Olympics, two in Athens and two in Beijing. In the latest Olympics, she finished in sixth place in the 50 meter freestyle and picked up a pair of silver medals for the 400 freestyle relay and the 400 medley relay. Joyce spent the past four years in Athens, Ga., training under Jack Bauerle for the University of Georgia. While swimming for Georgia, she was an 18-time NCAA champion.

To join in on the conversation, follow us on our Facebook Fan Page. Sign on to the Swimming World Facebook Fan Page on Thursday and leave questions and comments for Joyce under the Kara Lynn Joyce interview thread. She will intermittently respond to your questions and comments throughout the day.

Swimming World is debuting this new interactive interview concept to give the fans access to some of the greatest swimmers of today. Follow us on our Facebook Fan Page as a fan and share with us your opinions about aquatic sports.

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Posted on: October 26, 2009