Local Athletes Tom Wallisch and Sage Kotsenburg, Olympic Hopefuls Danny Davis, Steve Fisher and Mason Aguirre Among Athletes Competing

The Winter Dew Tour, the world’s premier season-long winter action sports tour, continues its 2009-10 sophomore season with the second of three stops, the Wendy’s Invitational, beginning Thursday, Jan. 14 at Snowbasin, a Sun Valley Resort. The Winter Dew Tour makes its first ever stop in Ogden, Utah, hosting four days of slopestyle and superpipe competitions for the world’s best snowboard and freeski athletes.

Over 125 of the best winter action sports athletes in the world will be in Ogden, Utah to compete, including snowboarders Danny Davis, Tyler Flanagan, Queralt Castellet and Jamie Anderson as well as freeskiers Mike Riddle and Andreas Hatveit, all winners from the 2009-10 Winter Dew Tour’s first stop in December. Freeski icon Simon Dumont will be vying for the Wendy’s Invitational title in both slopestyle and superpipe, while local talent Tom Wallisch (SKI) and Sage Kotsenburg (SNB) will represent their sports. And unique to the Wendy’s Invitational, the world’s top women freeskiers will be competing in superpipe including the sport’s best, Sarah Burke.

Wallisch, who resides in Salt Lake City and attends the University of Utah, won the freeski slopestyle contest at the final stop of the inaugural 2008-09 Winter Dew Tour, while Park City-native Kotsenburg advanced through three rounds of qualifying last month to take second-place honors in the men’s snowboard slopestyle competition in Breckenridge, Colo.

Beyond the competitions, the Wendy’s Invitational will also feature four days of entertainment, including an interactive Festival Village with athlete autograph signings and free product giveaways, as well as a FREE live musical performance by alternative rock band Dashboard Confessional, taking place in Ogden on Jan. 15. The Friday night concert will begin at 7pm and will take place on the 200 block of the Historic 25th Street. The entire event, including the concert, is free to the public.

The list of pre-qualified athletes that will be competing at Snowbasin are as follows:

M SNB Superpipe

W SNB Superpipe

M SNB Slopestyle

W SNB Slopestyle

SKI Superpipe

SKI Slopestyle

W SKI Superpipe

Mason Aguirre

Jamie Anderson

Mason Aguirre

Jamie Anderson

Duncan Adams

Elias Ambuhl

Claudia Bouvier

Fredrik Austbo

Lizzy Beerman

Ulrik Badertscher

Hana Beaman

Xavier Bertoni

Anders Backe

Sarah Burke

Ross Baker

Queralt Castellet

Mikkel Bang

Kimberly Fasani

Noah Bowman

Bobby Brown

Anais Caradeux

Dylan Bidez

Kaitlyn Farrington

Wyatt Caldwell

Megan Ginter

Joss Christensen

Sammy Carlson

Jessica Cumming

Zachary Black

Leslie Glenn

Yale Cousino

Jenny Jones

Justin Dorey

Philip Casabon

Grete Eliassen

Danny Davis

Elena Hight

Madison Ellsworth

Isabelle Lalive

Matt Duhamel

Ian Cosco

Virginie Faivre

Steve Fisher

Kelly Marren

Tyler Flanagan

Janna Meyen-Weatherby

Simon Dumont

Simon Dumont

Rosalind Groenewoud

Trevor Jacob

Kjersti Ostgaard Buaas

Chas Guldemond

Lynn Neil

Banks Gilberti

Charles Gagnier

Megan Gunning

Danny Kass

Meg Pugh

Halldor Helgason

Spencer O’Brien

AJ Kemppainen

Banks Gilberti

Keltie Hansen

Roger Kleivdal

Michelle Zeller

Torstein Horgmo

Kjersti Ostgaard Buaas

Thomas Krief

Alexis Godbout

Miyuki Hatanaka

Matt Ladley

Sam Hulbert

Chanelle Sladics

Matt Margetts

Oscar Harlaut

Keri Herman

Scotty Lago

Tim Humphreys

Maribeth Swetkoff

Dan Marion

Elvis Eidsvold Harsheim

Jen Hudak

Jack Mitrani

Nick Julius

Gabrielle Viteri

Peter Olenick

Andreas Hatveit

Mirjam Jaeger

Luke Mitrani

Nate Kern

Bev Vuilleumier

Tucker Perkins

Russ Henshaw

Kristi Leskinen

Scotty Pike

Sage Kotsenburg

Tyler Peterson

JF Houle

Devin Logan

Brennen Swandson

Scotty Lago

Mike Riddle

PK Hunder

Em Lonsdale

Elijah Teter

Marius Otterstad

Kevin Rolland

Pekka Hyysalo

Anna Segal

JJ Thomas

Nick Poohachoff

Lyndon Sheehan

Sean Jordan

Kaya Turski

Tyler Troy

Brandon Reis

JP Solberg

AJ Kemppainen

Angeli Vanlaanen

Broc Waring

Silas Stannard

Kiyoshi Terada

Charlie Lasser

Davina Williams

Gary Zebrowski

Ian Thorley

Byron Wells

Mike Riddle

Robbie Walker

Jossi Wells

TJ Schiller

Andreas Wiig

Colby West

Alex Schlopy

Eric Willett

Walter Wood

Dane Tudor

Matt Walker

Tom Wallisch

Jossi Wells

Colby West

Jacob Wester

McRae Williams

The complete schedule of events for the Wendy’s Invitational is as follows:

Thursday, January 14th

SNB SP Women Prelim 12:30pm – 1:15pm

SNB SP Men Prelim 1:35pm – 3:00pm

Friday, January 15th

SNB SS Women Prelim 11:00am – 12:00pm

SKI SP Prelim 11:30am – 1:00pm

SNB SS Men Prelim 12:20pm – 2:30pm

SKI SP Women Prelim 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Concert in Ogden 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Saturday, January 16th

SKI SP Women Final 10:20am – 10:50am

SKI SP Final 11:10am – 12:20pm

SKI SS Prelim 2:30pm – 4:30pm

SNB SP Women Final 4:30pm – 5:10pm

SNB SP Men Final 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Sunday, January 17th

SKI SS Final 9:30am – 10:30am

SNB SS Women Final 12:30pm – 1:10pm

SNB SS Men Final 1:30pm – 2:30pm


Action Zone tickets for the Winter Dew Tour’s Wendy’s Invitational are available for $100 for the weekend and are on sale exclusively through The three-day Action Zone tickets are for adults and children and provide access to priority reserved viewing areas for all finals contests throughout the event, in addition to official Winter Dew Tour swag, a behind-the-scenes tour, athlete autograph session, merchandise discount coupon and cold Mountain Dew or hot chocolate.

TV Schedule

NBC Saturday, Jan. 16 1-3pm EST SKI Pipe Women’s/Men’s Finals

NBC Sunday, Jan. 17 3-4:30pm EST SNB Slope Women’s/Men’s Finals

USA Network Saturday, Jan. 16 Midnight-1am EST SNB Pipe Women’s/Men’s Finals

USA Network Sunday, Jan. 17 2-3am EST SKI Slope Finals

USA Network Monday, Jan. 18 7-8am EST SNB Pipe Women’s/Men’s Finals

MTV2 Saturday, Jan. 23 10-11pm EST SNB Pipe Women’s/Men’s Finals

MTV2 Saturday, Jan. 30 10-11pm EST SKI Slope Finals/Women’s SKI Pipe Finals

The complete 2009-10 Winter Dew Tour schedule is as follows:

Event Date Location

Totino’s Open Dec. 17-20 Breckenridge Ski Resort – Breckenridge, Colo.

Wendy’s Invitational Jan. 14-17 Snowbasin Resort – Ogden, Utah

Toyota Championship Feb. 4-7 Mount Snow Resort – West Dover, Vt.

In its second season, the top athletes in the world will take part in this year’s Winter Dew Tour, all competing for the highly coveted Dew Cup that will be awarded in Mount Snow, Vt. at season’s end. The 2008-09 Dew Cup champions include Shaun White (Snowboard Superpipe and Slopestyle), Kelly Clark (Snowboard Superpipe), Spencer O’Brien (Snowboard Slopestyle), PK Hunder (Freeski Slopestyle) and Tanner Hall (Freeski Superpipe).

Posted on: January 12, 2010