GirlMogul of the Day: Maddy Schaffrick takes the Slopes! |

GirlMogul of the Day: Maddy Schaffrick takes the Slopes!

Maddy Schaffrick was only 7 years of age when she put on her snowboard on a snowy mountain for the first time. Eight years later, at the age of 15, she is a member of the 2010 US Olympic Qualifying Snowboarding Team and more importantly, a teen snowboarding phenomenon. Isn’t that so cool? She is currently ranked 9th in the world in her snowboarding division. Already with 8 years of experience under her belt at such a young age, she excels in Half-pipe, Slope-style, along with Giant Slalom and Freestyle. Those are the various types of snowboarding that Maddy is mastering as we read!

Her hard work and determination has led her to become a pro as she made her professional debut in 2008. Some of her current achievements include winning 4th Place at the USSA Grand Prix in Copper Mountain, Colorado against some of the biggest athletes in the world, winning 3rd place at the USSA Grand Prix in Killington, Vermont, winning the Best Trick and Most Progressive Rider awards at the CoverGirl Snow Angels invitational in Snowmass, Colorado, and making a debut appearance at the X games.
Maddy is an inspiration to so many girls just like us all around the world. Not only does she have to balance school, friends, and family, she has to live a normal teenage life during the off-season of snowboarding while still being a professional athlete. If the pressure of being a professional athlete is already not enough to handle, she has to deal with everyday pressure from a normal

Maddy Schaffrick Catches Air

Maddy Schaffrick Catches Air

teenage girl’s life. I love reading about her and her adventures, because is literally and figuratively blazing trails. In my eyes, she is a real GirlMogul by pursuing her dreams and having fun while doing it!

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Posted on: January 14, 2010