Yoga for Foodies: Of Hip Openers and Michelin Stars |

Yoga for Foodies: Of Hip Openers and Michelin Stars

Our greatest meals often come when we can least appreciate them. We’re on vacation and have been eating all day between trips to museums; or we’re exhausted post theater on the big anniversary, or drunk. We rarely prepare ourselves physically to eat well. David Romanelli, New York-based yogi, aims to change that. Romanelli is teaming up with chefs around the country to produce Jam Sessions: Yoga for Foodies, a series of workshops wherein guests begin their evening with flowing yoga, and end it with a Michelin-worthy meal….

When we move in a frenzied way through the day, we don’t eat, we “feed.” This high-velocity lifestyle diminishes the flavor and essence of life…In your post-yoga splendor, the featured chef will delve into the mystery of their creations while guiding you through a feast. This will be the dream experience for anyone who relishes a savasana so sweet you never want it to end; a bite of food so perfect you feel like the world stopped spinning….

The New York workshop goes down this friday, featuring Joy Pierson of Candle 79, and is followed by events in seven other cities. For the full “tour dates,” see here. We love the idea, though do hope there’s time for a shower post-yoga.

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Posted on: January 19, 2010