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Q&A with Jamie Anderson

In 2006 Jamie won the slopestyle Van’s Cup in her hometown of Tahoe, CA- but that was only the beginning for the talented young gun. In 2008 she won the TTR World Title, and in the 2009/2010 season at 19 years old, Jamie has claimed her stake in the Swatch TTR World Tour top 10. The vivacious snowboarder led the tour in 2009, notched down to second in December and currently sits in tenth, as the women’s tour is aflame with progression and riders hungry for top results. Before Jamie jets to Vancouver for the Winter Olympics, DYLA caught up with her for a quick Q&A.

What first attracted you to snowboarding?
Well, growing up in the mountains all of my friends and family skied and snowboarded, so it just happened to happen 🙂Did you attend public high school while you competed?
I started doing home schooling in the middle of 8th grade… wayyyy too busy to go to school full time!

There are so many resorts in the Tahoe area, is Sierra your favorite?

What’s the best part about living in Tahoe?
It is such a beautiful area! I love the winters, and I love the summers! It’s the perfect place to live!

Did you start competing in halfpipe and slopestyle at the same time?
Yeah, I actually did all the events: alpine racing, boarder cross, slope and pipe!

What tricks are you working on for the halfpipe?
I’m trying to get back-to-back 7’s but it’s pretty hard!

Are there any specific career goals you set for 2010?
I just want to have fun and do my best…

Which event are you most excited about this year?
Probably X-Games, it’s always a fun time!

Is there a female role model you look up to?
Torah Bright.

If you were snowed in, what would you spend the day doing?
Finishing my scrapbooks, I’ve been working on forever!

Posted on: January 20, 2010