Yoga for Foodies: Sinful Delights in a Sacred Setting? Gluttons Rejoice, Kindle Veg Debate |

Yoga for Foodies: Sinful Delights in a Sacred Setting? Gluttons Rejoice, Kindle Veg Debate

Are you one of those mat-toting martini-soaking epicurean yogi infidels? Cheers! You came to the right blog post.“Yoga for Foodies” has hit the NY Times (When Chocolate and Chakras Collide) – it’s officially a trend! Even Gawker had to chime in. And really, what’s better than sweating it up on the yoga mat detoxifying your system, and immediately following that with a buddha belly full of scrumptious sinful delights?! Nothing! According to yogi somelier David Romanelli (yeahdave) whose occasional Yoga+Wine nights have reached new heights in hedonistic rituals.

Why not stretch out before indulging in ravioli stuffed with spinach-cashew ricotta, pine nut pesto and sundried tomato sauce? asks Dave on his website. A lot of salivating yogis have taken him up on that question attending $75 classes, like the one at Exhale Spa profiled in the NYT article, where yoga is just the first course served on the mat. The amuse-bouche if you will.

The words of Ziggy Marley’s “Love Is My Religion” floated over 30 people lying on  yoga mats in a steamy, dim loft above Madison Avenue on Friday. All had signed up for a strange new hybrid of physical activity: first an hour of vigorous, sweaty yoga, then a multicourse dinner of pasta, red wine and chocolate. As soon as the lights went up, dinner was served on the floor: an (almost) seamless transition designed to allow the yogis to taste, smell and digest in a heightened state of awareness.

We hope you like your fungi with a side of toe cheese (sorry!). Kinda ick though are we right?

Labeling his brand as “every man yoga” Dave has really latched on to something sticky, and it’s not your cushy mat or the drippings from your rhubarb compote, it’s pleasure seekers! It’s the expansion of the “traditional” yoga practice to heathens people who love chocolate, wine, and even bacon! (and frankly, the orgasm of enjoying it all together). Is that so wrong? Well one would imagine the yogi’s diet is a big bone of contention, as we know – should a yogi be veg? a compassionate carnivore?

“The very first teaching of yoga forbids us to eat meat,” said Eva Grubler, director of training at Dharma Yoga in New York. And Sharon Gannon, co-owner of Jivamukti and author of Yoga and Vegetarianism, would surely agree!

So what of this new trend: Yoga and Food? Is working your glutes to get your glutton on a good pairing?

It sounds fun, but for 75 bucks? Anyways, we said it before and we’ll say it again…with all the saucy body liquids, libations and chakra opening just try and keep your kundalini in your pants!

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Posted on: January 27, 2010