Yoga Journal: Can Foodies be Yogis, Too? |

Yoga Journal: Can Foodies be Yogis, Too?

Possibly the biggest debate in the yoga community is around food, ahimsa (non-harming), and health. Today’s New York Times includes an in-depth article on the wide range of ideas and philosophies surrounding yoga and food. Can you be a yogi who also appreciates a burger every now and then? What about wine? Chocolate? Some say yes, some say no… The debate continues.

No matter where you stand on the issue, it’s hard to argue with this quote by Dave Romanelli:  “What yoga teachers do and what chefs do is not so different. We take everyday actions like moving and eating, and slow you down so you can appreciate them.” Achieving stillness and peace amid the distractions of life, he said, has always been the higher goal of yoga.

How does yoga inspire your diet?

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Posted on: January 27, 2010