Combining Food with Yoga to Enhance the Senses |

Combining Food with Yoga to Enhance the Senses

What if you could combine a health practice with the enjoyment of food, even chocolate?

Well, now you can with this new practice of ‘Yoga for Foodies,’ which combines the practice of yoga and stretching with the enjoyment of being ‘one’ with your food.

Now, the interesting thing about this approach is that it takes the same principles of yoga in stretching and allowing and incorporating those into the actual eating experience. The idea is to expand your senses through your palette and your physical body.

A gentleman named, David Romanelli who is a young and adventurous yoga teacher that feels called to push the boundaries of the practice to engage even more people into trying it, teaches these classes. He’s determined to bring the practice of yoga to everyone by combining it with things that are much more secular like wine, food and chocolate!

“It’s a way of getting people in the door,” he said in an interview. “The world is a better place if people do yoga. And if they come because chocolate or wine is involved, I’m fine with it.”

The idea of combining the rich flavors of the food after being fully connected through the practice of yoga will even transform our relationship with exercise and food. Imagine using our ‘biggest weakness’ of super yummy food and turning it into a strength with this new practice! It now becomes the motivator and shifts something in us as we interact with food in this new ‘present’ way!

Expect to see these new offerings available in Chicago, Cleveland and Dallas later this year.

Now, some traditionalists in the yogis see this new up and coming foodie trend to be against the practice, while others believe that it’s about evolving to new heights to capture an even broader audience. Since the effects of yoga are outstanding for stress levels, flexibility and health purposes, it’ll be exciting to see how this new yoga trend will endure over time.

What do you think LUXies? Does eating delicious treats and connecting to your body seem like a LUX-combo to you?

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Posted on: January 29, 2010
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