Sports Hottie of the Week: Gretchen Bleiler |

Sports Hottie of the Week: Gretchen Bleiler

This week’s hottie is an American beauty who certainly knows how to rock a snowboard. Gretchen Bleiler is a professional halfpipe boarder who already has one Olympic medal to her name. The 5’5″ 29-year-old knockout is also something of an X-Games veteran with four gold medals and one silver in the women’s Superpipe event. Torino 2006 was where Bleiler romped her way to a Winter Olympic medal after coming second overall on the Halfpipe. But don’t assume this sexy shredder is all looks and no brains – in 2007 she began her own snowboarding clothing line. Then in 2008 Bleiler helped organise an all-female invitational competition called the Snow Angels Invitational. When not on the snow she loves surfing, mountain biking and fashion.

Check out Gretchen in action below:

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Posted on: February 5, 2010
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