Yoga, Surfing, and Travel with Chanelle Sladics |

Yoga, Surfing, and Travel with Chanelle Sladics

Chanelle Sladics is professional snowboarder and surfer raised in Newport Beach, California that has traveled the world for competitions. She’s had podium finishes in major venues such as the Winter X Games, the Winter Dew Tour, the Roxy Chicken Jam and continues to dominate. I had the opportunity to catch up with her regarding her favorite places she has visited throughout the world, practicing yoga in Hawaii with legendary surfer Rochelle Ballard and “green” tips that every traveler can practice when traveling.

You’ve traveled the world for snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding…what has been your most favorite country that you’ve visited?
When it comes to snowboarding I would have to say Japan! Best snow of my life, amazing culture, awesome experience! Can you say powder and karaoke? I’m in! My two other favorite experiences was in China and Bosnia. Traveling is always amazing, but going to dynamic zones like those, really opens your eyes to a bigger picture. Especially walking through or riding on the bombed out Olympic Village from the 1984 Games in Bosnia! There was war art everywhere, and it was really surreal. China loves blondes, so my experience was even more fun! It was like another world!

When it comes to surfing – my heart lives on the north shore of Oahu. My favorite countries have been Fiji, Brazil, and Mainland Mexico!!!! The culture and Tavaura Island in Fiji is irreplaceable. It is the most magical spot I have ever been! The people have such a high vibration and connection to the earth, and you feel that when your there. Also the waves are insane and mostly private! As for Brazil, they love to play, and work as little as possible. Most youthful and active country I have ever visited! Such high energy and connection to nature, and awesome food! Lastly, mainland Mexico, the most attainable location, full of yummy food that always makes my sick, and PERFECT point breaks! Its affordable, beautiful, amazing waves, upbeat, just sometimes dangerous. Stay as south as possible…

So you mentioned that when it comes to surfing, your heart lies in Oahu. I heard you spent some time in Hawaii with a few friends to film ‘Surf into Yoga’, can you tell us a little bit about?
Since 2006, I starting traveling to Hawaii every spring and fall to refresh my body and soul, and to immerse myself in the beautiful ocean and waves! I was born and raised at the beach, but really feel in love with surfing when I graduated highschool, and met some professional surfers that inspired me. Rochelle Ballard is like a sister to me, and we share many similar passions, so it is no surprise that we decided to take on the ‘Surf into Yoga‘ project together! Timing was great for both of us, it was my summer, and things were started to transition for her.

Courtesy of Chanelle Sladics

Courtesy of Claire Bevilacqua

I watched the ‘Surf into Yoga’ teaser clip and already feel relaxed – where was your favorite location to practice yoga in Hawaii?
Rochelle’s house! She is actually having a studio built at the moment, but her place in Hawaii is my favorite place to do yoga. I have learned so much about myself, my process through life, my yoga practice, and my connection to the earth at her place. We have been on such a fun journey creating, cooking, growing, diving, surfing, hiking, stretching, breathing, mediating, and gathering with the local community. I am really learning the power in community, growth, connection to the earth, myself, and my food.

Are there any popular spots on the islands that you would recommend to a person looking to practice yoga while on vacation?
Well Rochelle Ballard teaches most days now at her place at Sunset beach. She is also hosting a yoga retreat there April 18th-25th, 2010 (see for more info). There are also Co-Op’s and good bikram’s class in Haliewa….and donation yoga at Waimea. Hawaii has a lot of connected beings, and a lot of access to yoga and wellness. It is an amazing place to heal….I live there two months out of the year, and those two months create my foundation for the rest of my year! It is definitely one of my happy places.

Courtesy of Chanelle Sladics

Courtesy of Chanelle Sladics

So what is this ‘Surf into Yoga’ retreat about that Rochelle Ballard will be hosting?
I have no doubt the ‘Surf into Yoga’ can offer an athletic, progressive, youthful, artistic approach to yoga and life. I know you would walk away way more in tuned with your breath, body, soul, passion, earth, food, health, and happiness! Happiness is a choice, sometimes we need to slow down and see how what we think or move effects our life! She has a Shaman building a Balinese yurt yoga studio in her jungle of a backyard! She has the most beautiful property, and amazing yoga practice! Rochelle is a legendary surfer, that is incredibly in tune with her body, and soul.

There is no doubt you are an adventurous person. What is one activity in Hawaii that you would easily recommend to other fellow adventurous types?
Skydive Hawaii or Shark Cage in Haliewa are my twp favorite spots at the moment! I started accelerated free fall (AFF) school at Skydive Hawaii because I fell in love with the jump, the drop zone, the view, the vibration! The shark cage was magic as well! They are such beautiful creatures, and we can learn so much about our fears with them, when we get a chance to look them eye to eye! One of my other very favorite activities is cave diving and free diving at sharks cove. Diving is so peaceful and quite, and I love observing the sea life!

Courtesy of Chanelle Sladics (

Courtesy of Chanelle Sladics (

In speaking to you before, I know you’re very into keeping our environment clean, which is great to see from a role model such as yourself. What are some things you can recommend to other travelers to keep a low carbon footprint?
Use public transportation as much as possible or walk! Travel with your own water bottle, so you don’t need 5 cups on the airplanes. Reuse what you can. Support companies that are conscious, even if its more expensive. Educate those around you….slow down and appreciate the abundant resources around you, and be grateful for them, because the earth continues to give, and we continue to take, and without us supporting her, she can’t continue supporting us!

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Posted on: March 10, 2010