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Kara Lynn Joyce Interview. Getting to Know One of The World’s Fastest Swimmers.

I had the incredible opportunity to meet with 2 time Olympian and 18 time NCAA Champion Kara Lynn Joyce.

We started the day at the Supreme Sports Club in Columbia MD. I met up with Kara, her boyfriend Rob, and his friend Chris. Rob and Chris make up a two person Post-Grad swim team aptly named “The Supreme Team.” Rob, Chris, and Kara are all college Grads back in the pool with some unfinished business. Just ten or 15 years ago, the only adult swimmers in the pool were parents and USMS members. Today, the number of swimmers on a mission after their NCAA career is over is exploding. Rob and Chris are both training to swim at US Senior Nationals, while Kara is in pursuit of her third Olympics. Based on what I saw, Kara is a force to be reckoned with.

Kara has joined Coach Sean Hutchinson and a handful other swimming super stars in Southern California making up the FAST Post Grad Program. Swimming in the same pool as Kara was a total rush. Besides trying not to get lapped, I could not help but wonder what drove these three to continue pushing the limits in a sport as trying as swimming. Coach Hutchinson if you are reading this, when Rob told us our last set (a very tough kicking set) Kara modified it to a 200 ‘social kick’.

We sat down at the Sly Fox Pub for a very informal interview (we apologize in advance for the background noise; there was a beer pong tournament in the next room). We talked about everything from when Kara knew the Olympic dream was real, to her ‘Rock Band’, to her 2012 Olympic Dreams. Watch the exclusive interview right here.

When I asked Kara when she frist realized that she could make the Olympics, her answer was “It never occured to me that I couldn’t”. We love this stuff!

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Posted on: March 14, 2010