American Haskins Leads New ITU Swim Segment Rankings |

American Haskins Leads New ITU Swim Segment Rankings

Russia’s Dmitry Polyansky and the United States’ Sarah Haskins lead the brand new ITU swim segment rankings. At the end of the year the winners of the segment will each receive a $10,000 bonus.

New for 2010, the ITU has introduced segment rankings, which will reward the best swimmer, biker and runner throughout the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series. Athletes will be able to score points at each of the seven Series events, with the crown of best swimmer, biker or runner being awarded after the Grand Final in Budapest. In total, $60,000 in segment rankings bonuses will be awarded at the end of the season ($10,000 per gender, per each discipline).

This week we take a look at the swim segment rankings after three of seven Series races. Athletes score points based on their swim finish, with a total of 20 points going to the best swimmer at each event. At the end of the season (after the Budapest Grand Final), the award for best swimmer of the season and the $10,000 bonus will go to the male and female with the best five scores out of the possible seven Series races. A total of 100 points would mark a perfect score.

In the men’s Best Swimmer Rankings, Russia’s Dmitry Polyansky, currently ranked second in the World Championship Rankings, appears to be running away with the title. After exiting the water first in Sydney and Madrid, and coming out of the swim second in Seoul, Polyansky sits atop the standings with 56 points. Given that 60 points would be a perfect score at this point in the season, it appears Polyansky will be almost impossible to catch. One spot behind Polyansky is Aussie Joshua Amberger, who finished the swim just behind the Russian in Sydney and Madrid. Amberger has 30.5 points, putting him just 2.5 points ahead of French super-swimmer Frederic Belaubre. Spain’s Javier Gomez, who beat Polyansky out of the water in Seoul, is currently fourth in the Best Swimmer Rankings with 21 points.

In the women’s Best Swimmer Rankings, American Sarah Haskins currently leads the way with 52 points after winning the swim in Seoul and finishing second in Sydney and Madrid. Behind her is Frenchwoman Jessica Harrison, who topped Haskins in Madrid and was the fourth swimmer to finish in Seoul. Seven points back of Harrison is Spaniard Ainhoa Murua, with American Laura Bennett in fourth, another three points behind.

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Posted on: June 22, 2010