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Review: Pure Bars

Blasphemous as this may be in the blog world, I’ve said before that I am not a big fan of Trader Joe’s. I am, however, a fan of Pure Bars, which I could never find anywhere else. I wanted to try the other flavors before buying anything in bulk online, so I contacted the company, and they graciously agreed to send me a sample pack.

I was very excited when the package arrived … Pure Bars!

In alphabetical order, because I’m anal like that. ;)

Apple cinnamon

I wasn’t hit with the aroma of cinnamon when I opened the package, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to taste it… but that wasn’t the case. The flavor was phenomenal. It was the texture that I wasn’t crazy over, because there were far too many nuts for my liking. I did like the chewy bits of dried apple, though.

Cherry cashew

I originally reviewed this flavor here. I didn’t lovelove it, but it was the only flavor aside from the chocolate brownie that I could find, and it did grow on me a little bit.

Chocolate brownie

I originally reviewed this flavor here, and my opinion still stands: most awesome natural chocolate-flavored bar ever.

Cranberry orange

The scent test (what, you don’t take a whiff of a bar you’ve never tried before?!) provided me with a lovely citrus-y aroma. And the taste was much the same. It was a bit too greasy, but other than that, I loved it; the perfect balance between sweet and tart.

Trail mix

This one was slightly disappointing. I couldn’t really identify the aroma – something like a cross between raisins and sunflower seeds? Which is weird, because I couldn’t really detect either of those in the taste or texture. I was sure that the cacao bits would be my favorite part, but they were far too bitter.

Wild blueberry

I was afraid that this would be sickly sweet, as dried berries tend to be, but it wasn’t. There were definitely dried berries in there – identifiably! – but it didn’t taste cloying at all. I liked it.

Overall, the chocolate brownie is still my favorite, but I’d buy any of them, with the exception of the trail mix flavor.

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Posted on: July 10, 2010