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Yoga’s Mountain Groove

Yogis come in all shapes and sizes. And yoga classes come in different flavors, from sweaty power sessions to serene meditative practices.

Expect a variety pack this weekend when Yoga Rocks the Mountains.

In its first year, the three-day festival is essentially what it sounds like: a reason to bring some of the country’s best and more progressive teachers to a beautiful location to introduce unique perspectives to yoga students, both new to the practice and those that have been doing it for years.

Ten different instructors from around the country will convene at the Viceroy Snowmass over the weekend offering a variety of classes that include the valley’s own resident teacher Aaron King, of King Yoga, and his class, Yoga for Cyclists. (Most recently, he has been practicing with Lance Armstrong as he prepared for the Tour de France 2010.)

Melding King’s same penchant for good tunes and a focus on fun, light-hearted yoga, David Romanelli will host Yoga for Foodies with Viceroy Chef Rob Zack.

“Life is slipping through our fingertips as we’re focused on being efficient and being convenient,” says Romanelli, who is a Yahoo wellness expert and teacher of Yeah Dave Yoga. “I try to remind people to let go a little each day … and one of those ways is by letting them indulge, and that can mean eating a good, focused meal.”

His Saturday vinyasa class will be followed by a sensory experience in food – all local, organic and fresh.

“We’ll also have really great music, and remind ourselves there is more to life than typing and texting,” he says.

Romanelli writes a blog, hosts classes around the country, and is an overall advocate for wellness. He says attending a workshop like his, or any of the other instructor’s this weekend, is a good opportunity to expand any practice.

“We all take local classes in our towns, but when you can take classesfrom teachers that you aren’t used to taking from, it really opens your mind to other perspectives,” he says.

Organizer Josh Behrman agrees.

“Yogis can get into a routine, but this is an opportunity to jump out of that,” he says. “And I really hope that our local yoga community is able to come and support this.”

His company, Mountain Groove Productions, launched the festival as a way to bring top-ranked yoga instructors (those such as Tina Porter and Lisa Black have been voted the best yoga instructor in their respective cities, Denver and Seattle, by local magazine readers), and those innovative in the field to Snowmass for a weekend of health indulgence.

Besides the actual classes and workshops, expect a yoga market stocked with goods, and live music both Friday and Saturday nights. Highlights include yoga by the Viceroy pool accompanied by local musician Cameron Williams on Friday, and a DJ set from Michal Menert of Pretty Lights at Base Camp on Saturday.

In addition, there is an entire kids component to the festival, to introduce children age 4 through 10 to the world of yoga and wellness.

Proceeds benefit Yoga World Reach and the Shakti Foundation.

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Posted on: July 16, 2010
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