Sexy BPA-Free Bottle Screws Apart for Easy Cleanup |

Sexy BPA-Free Bottle Screws Apart for Easy Cleanup

By now most of us recognize how wasteful plastic water bottles are — they create a lot of trash and unnecessarily drain our energy, resources, and wallets. Fortunately, reusable water bottles are now available everywhere, and innovative new designs are constantly being developed – the latest to catch our eye is this “Alex”, a 100% recyclable BPA-free bottle with two ingenious screw caps that make clean-up a snap.

With so many options for reusable water bottles, it’s not surprising that some of us are looking for the best damn water bottle out there, and the soon to be released the Alex is definitely a contender. Not only does the Alex’s clever design make it easier to clean that normally hard to reach bottom, the leak-proof caps at either end allow for easy drying.

The bottle will be available in 20 oz and 26 oz sizes that both fit most car cup holders, they can fit ice cubes, and they are smoothie and powder drink-friendly. The handy strap is made from recycled water bottles, and as described on their website the bottles are “ridiculously good looking.”

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Posted on: August 3, 2010