Industry's new water bottle company–ALEX |

Industry’s new water bottle company–ALEX

Who we are:
ALEX is the first brand and product of Nice Reusables Inc, a parent company focused on creating products that make sustainability simple. Meet our team.

CHRIS HOTELL is able. After eight years working in marketing, consumer-product R&D, design, and sports management for global brands, his greatest achievement is working his way into the heart of his wife, Gretchen Bleiler.

GRETCHEN BLEILER is able. A professional snowboarder for ten years and environmentalist; If she wanted to impress you, she might show you her Olympic silver medal, her ESPN ESPY Award, or her National Geographic Adventurer Award.

MARTA HOTELL is able. Her credentials swell with over 20 years of senior and executive-level positions in leading tech companies, from modest start-ups to Fortune 500 mega-corps. Working for her Doctorate of Natural Health, she officially has no concept of down time.

MIKE TOBIA is able. Mike bears almost a decade of battlefield scars from brand management, product development, manufacturing, sports marketing, and electronic media.Mike and Chris are sworn blood brothers, so if you invite one of them to a party, they’ll both show up.

DAVE SWEENEY is able. His bona fides include 20 years of senior executive-level experience in corporate administration and human resources positions for Silicone Valley Tech heavy hitters.

ALEX stands for something. A devious do-gooder from the start, ALEX is an acronym for “Always Live Extraordinarily”. We believe that innovation with a conscience is an idea that people can get behind. By personifying ALEX, it becomes more then just a water bottle, it becomes a part of your family. It’s sustainable, charitable, and fashionable. ALEX is our chosen way and reminds us to challenge ourselves as we work to improve the small things that make up the whole. We know that our flagship product exemplifies that idea, and like the idea, ALEX is made to last forever.

Mission in a bottle: ALEX is dedicated to offering innovative and well-designed sustainable products that provide convenient alternatives to disposable plastic water bottles.

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Posted on: August 12, 2010
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