ALEX Bottle featured in today’s DailyCandy Weekend Guide |

ALEX Bottle featured in today’s DailyCandy Weekend Guide

The Sweet Beet
What: An investigative blog for foodies with wholesome nuggets of info (dinosaur vs. red Russian kale), recipes (peas and quinoa salad), standout products (raw chocolate, goat cheese), and science.
Why: Grocery shopping these days is like playing catchphrase bingo. Learn what you’re really getting nutritionally from products like raw almonds, organic milk, and chunk-light tuna.
Where: Online at

Virginia Johnson Bedding

What: The artist and textile maker turns for home with block-print cotton quilts and duvets, crib sets, and chain-stitch decorative pillows and rugs ($78-$325).
Why: Good things come to those who wait, and the camel caravan-print rug in copper is appropriately awesome for the collection’s Oct. 7 ship date.
Where: Online at

Drink Skinny Margarita Mix

What: An all-natural concoction ($10) of lime and lemon juices, organic agave nectar, agua, and stevia that sets you back only twenty calories per serving (excluding alcohol, as it’s not a perfect world).
Why: We tested it at room temperature at 10:30 in the morning without salt (but with tequila) and found it delicious without that sickly sweet taste often found in low-cal products.
Where: Online at

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Ring in October by giving a little love (dough, moola, scrilla) to breast cancer research — more than 90 percent of donation dollars means less dilution for the solution.
Why: You don’t love the Pepto-pink products but still want to save some boobies.
Where: Online at

Alex Water Bottles

What: BPA-free stainless steel canteens ($26-$30) that twist apart in the middle for easy-access cleaning (i.e., no more mildew), compact storage, and mix-and-match sizing.
Why: Smart, good looking, and all color options (we like white with neon yellow) are smoothie, oatmeal, and margarita (see above) friendly.
Where: Online at

Photo: Larryjh1234 / Flicker

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