espnW Retreat is a family affair for Stanton & Company client roster |

espnW Retreat is a family affair for Stanton & Company client roster

ABOUT The espnW Retreat

The espnW Retreat. This two-day retreat will help set the female sports agenda. We’ll begin cultivating a sports conversation for women, highlighting the important role of sports in shaping their lives.

There are precious few places that recognize and cheer for women who achieve great things in sports. Even fewer that directly aim to inspire improvement and greater future achievement – and that can offer up the tools, tips, advice, role models, event experiences and that priceless spark of inspiration to make it happen. espnW celebrates female athletes – because we are athletes. Whether that means competing in an Olympic arena, in a high school gym, or in a 5K against your neighbor, we carry the athlete gene in our DNA. As we like to say, “Once an athlete, always an athlete. And once an athlete, always a fan.” We are champions of a female sports culture. We are passionate about cultivating a national sports conversation for women. We will celebrate the athlete icons of today who inspire girls and women to do great things, and we’ll introduce you to the next generation of sports heroes. We will show girls how to channel their love of sports into the skills and opportunities that will make them strong, successful, confident women. We will motivate women to never rest until they’ve achieved their personal best. In short, we’ve dreamed up a whole new world for female athletes and fans, and it’s by women, for women.

In our case, we are pleased to have clients Gretchen Bleiler, Jessica Mendoza & Maddy Schaffrick participate as panelists during the event. Our girls Jamie Anderson, Joanna Zeiger, Lauren Perkins, Grete Eliassen will also be in attendance.

And to top is off, we are thrilled to have Ashley Koff Approved provide all the wonderful nutritious snacks (Pure Bar included) for the event as well as ALEX Bottle for stylish hydration purposes!

Way to go team!


Thursday, September 30th

5pm Welcome Reception for all guests
5:30pm Opening Remarks: Christine Driessen, Laura Gentile and John Skipper, with emcee Michelle Beadle
6pm Opening Discussion: “The Many Dimensions of a World-Class Athlete” Panel with Laila Ali, Gretchen Bleiler, Jennie Finch and Shannon Miller, moderated
by Hannah Storm
7pm espnW Welcome Dinner
8:45-10pm Cocktail Reception

Friday, October 1st

6:30-7:30am Sunrise Yoga

8:30-9am Breakfast Conversation with Billie Jean King and Julie Foudy
9-11:30am Sports Activities (Roxy Surf Camp, Lululemon Yoga, Nature Walk, LaJolla Sea Kayaking, Navy Seal Boot Camp) or SPA
12:30-1pm “No Limits: Having the Courage to Dream” with Amy Palmiero-Winters
1:30-2:30pm Conversational Work Sessions:
• “Reaching Women and Girls around the World through Sports”
• “The Importance of Powerful Role Models: Leveraging Sports to Make an Impact”
• “Sex, Bodies and Beauty: Perceptions of Women in Sports”
• “Women in Sports Journalism”

2:45-3:45pm Intimate Workshops:
• “Motivating and Inspiring Women: Issues of Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem”
• “Women as Fans: Facts, Misperceptions & Opportunities – Are we really that different?”
• “Advancements in Women’s Sports Medicine & Injury Prevention”
• “A Global Look at Women in Sports”
• “Female Dynamics and the Role of Sports”
• “Mind-body training. The secret to women’s success in sports.”
• “The Business of Women’s Sports”
4-6:30pm Sports Activities (Roxy Surf Camp, Lululemon Yoga, Nature Walk, Harley Davidson Learn-to-Ride, LaJolla Sea

Kayaking) or SPA
7-8pm Cocktail Reception
7:30pm Closing Panel: “The Future: the Journey to Becoming a World-Class Athlete” with Kendall Coyne, Skylar Diggins and Maddy Schaffrick moderated by Summer Sanders
8:10pm espnW Dinner
9:40pm Closing Remarks from Laura Gentile
9:50pm espnW Concert

Saturday, October 2nd

7-9am Farewell Breakfast
All morning:Golf at Torrey Pines (optional)
All morning:Departures

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Posted on: September 30, 2010
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