Chicago Tribune's Celiac Disease Report features S&Co's Ashley Koff RD & The Pure Bar |

Chicago Tribune’s Celiac Disease Report features S&Co’s Ashley Koff RD & The Pure Bar

Celiac Disease: Your Guide to the Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Ashley Koff RD

Why gluten-free isn’t enough

For the many individuals, following a gluten-free diet offers significant, critical health and quality of life improvements.
Yet, as ‘gluten-free’ became a health food trend, marketing often took these results a step further attempting to create the equation that anything labeled “gluten-free” equals “healthy.” After auditing thousands of foods for my nutrition stamp of approval (, I can confidently say that this (gluten-free = healthy) most often is not the
case and that choosing a glutenfree diet isn’t enough for optimal health. Why? What do I need for a gluten-free diet to make sure I get optimal nutrition? The following addresses these questions and provides some guiding principles for a
“healthIER” gluten-free diet. Many people ultimately diagnosed with celiac disease and gluten intolerance go through years of digestive irritation prior to diagnosis. As such, it’s critical their gluten-free diet includes nutrients that a) help the body heal and b) reduce further irritation. Guidelines for a healthy gluten-free diet:

Go organic. For gluten-free diet followers, organic means an absence of chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics which can further irritate the digestive system. Organic can also offer higher nutrient density of key “healing” nutrients like minerals and antioxidants.

Rebuild the GI tract. Quality probiotics strains (i.e., bifantis) add bacteria to reduce symptoms of digestive irritation. Dietary fiber from whole food, gluten-free sources (chia seeds, ground flaxseeds, rice bran, fruit and vegetables apple skins) help strengthen and soothe the gastrointestinal tract.

Practice portion control. Gluten-free carbohydrates provide necessary energy, but excess can produce weight gain, blood sugar spikes, and energy crashes. Practice portion control (see the AKA Menu Worksheet:http://ashleykoffapproved.
com/services/resources.html) and choose those that naturally contain fiber like gluten-free whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

The Pure Bar

Products for your gluten-free lifestyle

Pure Bars are gluten-free, certified organic, raw, vegan and entirely delicious. Nothing cooked up in a laboratory, no science fiction, so they’re the perfect pick-me-up for everyone. Available in six tasty flavors, pick up a Pure Bar today and savor nourishment the way nature intended.

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Posted on: October 6, 2010
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