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21 Day Reusable Challenge, sponsored by ALEX Bottle

By Gretchen | Published: October 10, 2010

I know we’re always talking about ways to create a sustainable life and to reduce, reuse, & recycle but I’ve decided (with the help of Alex Bottle) to really make this a reality by creating and participating in The 21 Day Reusable Challenge. I’m challenging all of you to do the same and giving out prizes for all the top finishers!

Here’s the deal- for the next 21 days starting today 10.10.10 you & I

  • will not use plastic water bottles
  • will not accept shopping bags/grocery bags
  • will not use styrofoam food containers

Once you’ve circumnavigated these obstacles, document yourself using/doing something reusable and post the photo/video to my Facebook Fan Page with the title “21 Days of Reusable Challenge and tag @Gretchenbleiler and @alex bottle” and consider yourself a part of the challenge. Get creative because the posts with the top five “LIKES” will receive prizes and from those five, a winner will be chosen by me to receive the grand prize!


  • K2 Eco snowboard of your liking
  • Oakley Gretchen Bleiler Collection Eco Jacket
  • Oakley Sunglass
  • Oakley Goggles
  • Alex Bottle Collection

So, get your reusable on and let’s see if we can reduce, reuse, recycle our way to Halloween! Good Luck! -Gretchen

PS. my first day was harder than expected so this really will be a challenge for all of us :)

For more on this story and get started with your pledge, please visit GretchenBleiler.com

Posted on: October 10, 2010