ALEX featured in Groom Gift Guide |

ALEX featured in Groom Gift Guide

We’re still over six months out from the wedding, so this post is probably a bit premature. But, with the future mister’s birthday quickly approaching and the holidays coming up I thought I would share some of the gift ideas I’ve been compiling as they could be great inspiration for groom or groomsmen gifts.

for the eco-conscious:

for the stylish techno guy:

macbook skin by Karvt – made out of real wood!

(they also make iPad and iPhone skins)

for the history buff:

for the world traveler:

for the (forgetful) outdoorsman:

polarized sunglasses

and croakies so that they don’t get lost (again*)

Since I don’t think I have to worry about the future mister reading this before his birthday on Wednesday, I ended up getting him the Alex Bottle. Ever since taking up running, he’s been mentioning that a Nalgene would be nice to have because he currently uses a pretty beat-up plastic Gatorade bottle. I considered just getting him a Nalgene (they are less expensive), but the Alex Bottle was too neat to pass up. First, it comes apart at the middle, so it’s super easy to clean, unlike most bottles. The other great thing is that when not in use, it’s super compactable – just take it apart, invert it and twist back together. Hopefully he’ll be just as excited about it as I am.

What unique or thoughtful gifts have you gifted your guy?

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Posted on: November 1, 2010