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Pure Bar is Pure Good!

How do you feel when you hear the words soy protein isolate, maltitol, sodium caseinate, or glycerin? Does it conjure up feelings of REAL food and the kind of ingredients you want to fuel your body with? If you read the labels of many of the protein bars on the shelves today, you will find they are LOADED with these and other “funky” ingredients – chemicals, processed sugars and flavorings. Pure organic bar is different. At Pure they are convinced that better eating translates to better living. That’s why they only make Pure Bars from the best ingredients nature has to offer. They choose certified organic fruits and nuts that have never taken a shower in any herbicides or pesticides. Pure Bars have the fuel to get you through your day.

I am frequently asked by clients which protein bar is a good choice. Honestly, that has been a difficult question to answer. So many of the bars on the market are made to look good and get you to think they are good for you. There are very few that I would highly recommend. What I love about pure bar is, in addition to the nutritious ingredients, they taste great! They are chewy, delicious and satisfying. And, as an extra added bonus, they add rice protein to the bars. This helps balance blood sugar and stave off hunger.

Pure energy bars come in great flavors like apple cinnamon, cranberry orange, cherry cashew, chocolate brownie, trail mix and wild blueberry. They are also gluten and dairy free! Their bars provide delicious, wholesome ingredients that you can take with you while moving through your Vinyasa or simply commuting to your nine-to-five. Everybody needs extra oomph to power through and be at their best, whether they’re tackling something minuscule or epic. At Pure they say their job is to provide that oomph. Your job is to eat it.

You can find pure bar at Whole Foods, your favorite market or through their online store.


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Posted on: November 8, 2010