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“Gift Idea of the Week: ALEX Water Bottle” from About.com

The new line of ALEX stainless steel, BPA-free water bottles (manufacturer’s site) tries to solve some of the little annoyances that go along with most reusable water bottles. They’re hard to clean; when empty they are difficult to store or pack; and their size isn’t adjustable. ALEX’s solution: Rethink the opening. Like other bottles, you can unscrew ALEX’s cap to pour in your water, sports drink, or smoothie (no hot drinks please). But if you want to wash, store, or resize your bottle, open it in the middle (see image).

Then you can scrub both halves and the cap easily, or put the ALEX in the dishwasher. Once the bottle is dry, you can fit one half inside the other for storing or packing. The ALEX bottle comes in 20 oz. and 32 oz. sizes, and you can take the top half of one and put it together with the bottom half of the other for a 26 oz. size.

I’m making this the pick of the week from my list of stocking stuffer/small gifts suggestions. Happy Hanukkah!

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Posted on: December 1, 2010
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