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Hip Hydration, featuring ALEX Bottle

Working out is hard enough without worrying that your eco-friendly water bottle may be harboring some not-so-friendly Ecoli.

But instead of just buying a fresh plastic bottle every day, you choose to save the planet by re-filling a permanent-but impossibly hard to clean-reusable bottle.

How can you protect yourself from this problem? With your brand spanking new (and extremely attractive I might add) workout buddy ALEX, that’s how!

“Well hello ALEX, you’re looking mighty sleek today.”

ALEX is a BPA-free, toxin free, stainless steel water bottle that comes apart in the middle so you can clean every nook and cranny of its impeccably crafted interior.

When you’re done drinking, the bottom half slides comfortably into the top, making it compact and portable.

Most bottles have such small necks making it hard to get a scrubby brush in there to clean all the surfaces. And a dirty bottle is just not something you want to risk.

ALEX comes in seven stylish colors, and two sizes. The 20 oz. bottle sells for $24.95 and the 32 oz. for $29.95.

Get ALEX for yourself or for a cardio buddy’s Christmas gift!

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Posted on: December 14, 2010
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