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“Gretchen Bleiler shares her resolutions” with espnW

Happy New Year, everyone! With the new year comes a refueled motivation to improve on the past one. It’s a time to reflect and set new goals based on all that you’ve been and all that you dream to be: physically, mentally and spiritually. So here are some of my resolutions:

I learned a few years ago that balance is the key to a happy and successful life, and a huge part of achieving that balance is to instill rituals into your everyday life — a nutritious balanced diet, daily exercise, time for yourself through meditation, reading, journaling, yoga, daily reflection and setting goals. And then, of course, you’ve got your daily workload, catching up and spending quality time with family and friends, and walking and loving your furry friend — in no particular order!

That seems like a lot to do in one day. But the secret is that some of those things take energy from you and the others give you energy … thus a balanced day!

I find that oftentimes I sacrifice, or — more accurately — get lazy with the taking-time-for-myself part. I tend to be a burnout personality, so I’m relentless until my work is done.

But we all know, no one’s work is ever done. There will always be another email to get through; something to clean up, file, and organize; more errands to do. Which is why balance is so important. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. It might last a very long time, or it might not last long at all — which is why it’s so important to have a great day EVERYDAY, and not just on the weekends or during the holidays.

I think this kind of daily routine is the golden ticket, so one of my resolutions is to be more disciplined with my time, so I can touch on all these categories — and be more efficient, with more energy and overall excitement. If it means waking up 30 minutes earlier so that I can meditate and start the day off right so be it. It takes energy to get energy. It’s time to move!

And, while we’re at it, here are a few more resolutions to add to the list:

Embrace change
Be spontaneous
Lighten up — life is too imporant to be taken seriously
Count my blessings
Keep my eyes open
Live in the moment
Enjoy the small things

Happy 2011!

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Posted on: January 4, 2011