Ashley Koff works with 395 Days Engaged & Counting: Operation Fit Fiance Rages On! |

Ashley Koff works with 395 Days Engaged & Counting: Operation Fit Fiance Rages On!

Each night before a training session with Jennifer Cohen, either the Fiancé or I will ask, “What’s she gonna make us do tomorrow?” Invariably, one of us will answer, “I don’t want to talk about it.” Conversation over.

Not knowing can be the hardest part of our weekly workouts with the Shedding for the Wedding trainer. But on the upside, nothing compares to the glorious light-as-air feeling we get post workout. Don’t forget that burning cals is an efficient stress reliever during the planning process, too. (Take your physical activities outdoors for added fresh air!)

Last week, we met up with Cohen off training grounds (a nice change!) at Akasha restaurant in Culver City. There, nutritionist Ashley Koff and chef Akasha Richmond greeted us with organic and locally sourced nibbles to celebrate Earth Day. “It should be Earth YEAR!” Koff boasted. She went on to tout the benefits and sweet taste of hemp seeds, Stonyfield yogurt and açai! Yum.

Then it was back to OFF business…

Besides doing exercises that made me feel plain simian (one of our newest moves, “the Heisman,” requires a side-to-side hop with bent knees pointing to the ceiling), we worked on strengthening our lower backs. It’s something worthwhile and can be useful in preventing injury. Here’s a helpful exercise Cohen suggests:

Lie flat on your stomach with legs stretched out long, feet together. Shoot arms straight up by ears. Lift legs and arms simultaneously. Hold for two seconds. Lower. Repeat 15 times. Do this three times.

Sorry guys, there must be a little sadistic trainer inside me now!! But you won’t regret doing this quickie, I promise.

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Posted on: April 27, 2011