ALEX Bottle Review | Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review |

ALEX Bottle Review | Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review

Are you sick and tired of your regular old water bottle? Well we have good news for you, there is a new player in the game, the ALEX Bottle. ALEX Bottle features a revolutionary new twist on collapsible – packable water bottles.

Each ALEX Bottle can be customized to hold a specific amount of water, sizes range from 20oz to 32oz. You can even mix and match the two to create a 26oz ALEX Bottle. I have never in my life experienced such crisp cold water without drinking directly from snow run off. The bottle magically keeps your drinks colder and fresher for a longer period of time.

Water bottles and bacteria go hand and hand, however that’s not the case with the Alex Bottle, simply unscrew the 3 stainless steel parts, wash out and continue about your day. Or for those on the go, you can toss the entire bottle in the dishwasher.

My only complaint was the size of the bottle seemed a tad big when fully extended however this was made up by how compact the bottle packs down to. Each piece fits inside each other like a set of Matryoshka doll’s ending up about the size of soda can. If your out camping, hiking or spending time in the outdoors and looking for a good packable – collapsible water bottle solution, the ALEX Bottle is your best bet!!

Last but not least I have found you can also use the bottom part of the water bottle as a functional cup. In fact this has become my favorite cup to use at the office.

Get outside, the weather is nice and be sure to grab an ALEX Bottle to take with you.

evo $25.95 – Alex Water Bottle (20oz) from evo
Axl’s Closet $29.95 – Alex Bottle 32 oz. from Axl’s Closet $29.95 – ALEX Alex Bottle – 32oz from

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Posted on: June 16, 2011
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