Bobby Brown, Grete Eliassen and Kaya Turski at Red Bull Tramp Camp |

Bobby Brown, Grete Eliassen and Kaya Turski at Red Bull Tramp Camp

Tramp Camp – no not that type of camp you sillies. Bobby Brown, Grete Eliassen and Kaya Turski were at in the Toronto area last week for Red Bull Trampoline Camp at Skyriders Trampoline Facility in Markham practicing their flips and tricks with Tramp award winning coaches, Matt Christensen and David Ross.

Kaya Turski, the the first female skier to land a switch 1080 this March at the Nine Queens Big Air, is very excited to be working with the coaches on the trampoline. “I just learned backflips and I’m so freaking stoked! Backflips scared the living shit out of me and I really wanted to learn them and wasn’t sure I could but just kept building myself up.”

One of the best all-around Winter X Games skiers Grete Eliassen, like Kaya, is excited and was working on inverts. She gave her blogger followers an update that, “A lot of the week has been going to the gym twice a day and back to the hotel.”

Back to the facility is talented Winter X Games Bobby Brown hoping he can work up some new tricks as well as strengthen his double and triple corks. “First and foremost it’s good exercise when you’re off your skis, but I also love keeping my mind in the ski game and also the air awareness part of it. I was here before and literally took five tricks to snow last year. It’s just a good time to progress when you’re not on snow,” Bobby said.

The good news is even when you’re working hard, hopefully there’s all time for a break and to play hard too. The tramping crew was able to have a day to sail on Lake Ontario on one of their day-offs.

Posted on: June 21, 2011