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Stocking Your Purse Pantry: Stock Your Purse with Healthy Snacks

Ladies, we have to admit it: we will put anything and everything in our purses. We will stuff our luggage-sized ‘handbags’ with makeup, mirrors, hair products, nail polish, iPods, calendars, biz cards, sweaters, flip-flops, and of course, puppies.

And while you could stuff your Mary Poppins-inspired mega-purse with a couple of German Shepherds and Tyra Banks giant head, Fit to Flourish health and fitness blogger Cami Hamann has a better idea – turn that purse into a well stocked healthy food pantry!

Cami explains that the purse pantry can help avoid the 3pm rush to Starbucks for a calorie and fat-laden pastry that seductively stares at you from behind the glass. What were we saying?

According to Cami, the purse pantry should have 2-3 nutritious and energizing super portable snacks made with simple and healthy ingredients. Check out a few of her favorites for a perfectly stocked purse pantry:

*Apple, Banana, or Orange
*Greens + Energy Bars
*Pure Organic Bars
*Vega Whole Food Energy Bar
*Vega Shake & Go Smoothie (Simply shake in a water bottle!)
*CLIF Bars (CLIF C Bar is gluten-free.)
*Trail Mix (nuts, seeds, and dried fruit)
*Justin’s Single Serving Nut Butter Packets (Enjoy with a banana or apple!)
*Package of Plain Instant Oats (Hot water is always available in a hotel room, plane, or coffee shop. Top oats with trail mix.)
*Pop Chips
*Veggie or Kale Chips
*Small Bag of Whole Grain, Low Sugar Cereal or Granola
*Water Bottle
*ZICO or Vita Coco Coconut Water

Snack happy straight from your Prada purse!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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Posted on: July 21, 2011