Grete Eliassen's ski season through her Holga |

Grete Eliassen’s ski season through her Holga

The life of a pro skier and snowboarder is a filled with copious amounts of travel and adventure. Each season differs from the last with distinct memories made at every juncture. Hectic schedules and obligations can make it difficult for pros to capture and share their memories with the masses, especially in an artful and unique way. Last season, Holga Sports set out to change all of that.

The Holga was originally crafted in 1981 as a affordable plastic camera for the working-class Chinese. Through the years, photographers worldwide began to appreciate the Holga’s basic construction and minimal precision. These elements, coupled with its light-weight design and style, have made the Holga the artistic go-to for any occasion.

Holga Sports wanted to get these cameras into athletes hands and teamed up with several ski and snowboard pros to shoot their experiences from their individual shred seasons.

Pro freeskier, Grete Eliassen spent her season competing coast to coast and shares some shots from her season.

To check out Grete’s photos, please click here.


Posted on: September 19, 2011
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