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Five Easy Way to Eat Clean with Veronica Bosgraaf –

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This year I have resolved to “Eat Clean” and not fill my body with any more over processed junk and chemicals in an attempt to not only lose weight, but just feel better in general.  I have succeeded through 10 days so far and I can already tell an amazing difference.   Here is a great article from Veronica Bosgraaf, Fitness and Lifestyle expert and creator of Pure Bar, that can help you with some easy tips for how to Eat Clean.  Enjoy!

5 Easy Ways to Eat Clean

When I think of clean food, I think fresh, simple and chemical free.  It is surprising to me that in our American culture we have somehow been convinced to eat old, complicated and chemically altered foods much more often than fresh, simple and chemical free!  Isn’t that crazy?

The good news is that eating clean is very simple.  And I believe cost effective too because real food fills you up, meets your nutritional needs and doesn’t lead to cravings.  Here’s how we can do it:

Shop the produce aisle

My Grandma always said “Eat food as close to its natural state as possible”.   Food is designed to be perfectly balanced for us nutritionally.  So instead of buying juice that has been fortified with vitamin C, buy oranges!  Buy onions and potatoes and fresh spinach, pomegranates, bananas and more!  By shopping the produce aisle, you can feed your family foods created perfectly for their nutritional needs and it’s effortless!

Shop local farmers markets, bakeries, coffee roasters, beer/wine makers

The farther food travels, the older it gets and the more it needs chemical preservatives.  This is a great reason to buy local food.  Bread baked fresh from the local bakery doesn’t need preservatives, local coffee roasters create the best coffee you’ve tasted, and often they work directly with farmers to import coffee beans so you know where it came from.  I even try to buy local beer and wine.  I like to know the source of my food and to know that my food is fresh!

Understand every ingredient in a packaged food

When I created the Pure Bar for my daughter, I wanted every ingredient to be healthy and functional.  If you read the ingredient list you will see that.  I live by that same principle when I buy other packaged food.  I read the ingredients and make sure I can understand what every ingredient is.  If I can’t, I find an alternative product whose ingredients I do understand!  It’s that simple.

Make your own juice

I feel like juice is one of the worst culprits.  We grew up thinking it was healthy and now so many companies put high fructose corn syrup and flavoring into juice that they market as healthy.  A juicer changed my life!  I love my Greenstar juicer and now can barely tolerate juice from a store.  Freshly squeezed apple, pear, orange, and grape juices are leagues above the store counterparts in taste and nutrition.  The best part is you can add kale, spinach and ginger for health without changing the great taste.  Another huge bonus is that fresh squeezed juices are not pasteurized (boiled) like all juice sold in stores which means their nutrients and enzymes stay intact.

Buy organic when possible

Producing a certified organic product has opened my eyes to how stringent the process of organic certification is.  I know first-hand how clean food has to be to be certified.  From the ground the seed is planted in (tested and chemical free for 3 years before it’s allowed) to the special way a piece of equipment has to be cleaned (only natural cleaners no synthetic detergents), and every rigorous requirement in between.  I know that when I buy a certified organic product it is free of harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides, it has not been treated with sewage sludge or been showered in radiation among other things.  Looking for the organic symbol is an easy way to eat cleaner food.

Posted on: January 11, 2012