20 Fast Fitness Tips Featuring Promax DOers | 20 Fast Fitness Tips Featuring Promax DOers

Here are 20 top tips from Billy Blanks, Jr., Kathryn Budig, Holly Perkins, Billy Miller and more. Even better, Promax is inviting fans to Like them on Facebook for a chance to win a Trainer for a Year.

Green smoothie

Drink your greens

Kathryn Budig, yoga guru and creator of yoga DVD Aim True recommends getting your greens every single day.

Budig says, “Drink your spinach. Blend up raw spinach with your favorite fruits, berries (low in sugar), grapefruit, coconut water and a little bit of ice. It tastes delicious and you’re getting over a cup of raw greens a day!”

Eat like an herbivore

Karina Petroni is a professional surfer who stays in elite surfer shape by following a vegetarian diet based on wholesome foods.

Petroni says, “My New Year’s resolution is to spread the word about the incredible importance of a whole foods/plant-based diet anytime I have the opportunity!”

Make resolutions like a triathlete

Sarah Haskins, professional triathlete and US Olympian, suggests following her favorite resolutions for 2012:

  1. Being more mindful of saving Earth’s resources — more recycling and less throwing away.
  2. Stretching your hip flexors twice a day.
  3. Cutting out all “fake” and chemical sweeteners.
  4. Eating more organic produce.


Become a Qualitarian

Ashley Koff is a dietitian and the author of Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged. Her top tip is to think quality when it comes to your diet.

She explains, “Become a Qualitarian in 2012! Do you want to lose weight or exchange fat for muscle or get healthier hair and skin, or improve your energy? The answer lies in the quality of the food you consume. Yes, you are what you eat. The type of fuel you put in will determine how your body runs. Choose organic food in the form closest to nature and your body will get more nutrients. That means less build up around your middle, in your caboose, or in your digestive tract and arteries. Become a Qualitarian – choose the best quality food available, like organic whole foods, for more fit, healthier you in 2012.”

Jumpe rope

Do but don’t
overdo on exercise

Celebrity trainer Holly Perkins stresses the importance of easing into fitness instead of doing too much too soon and ultimately burning out. “Following the holiday season, many people are chomping at the bit to get started on a New Year fitness plan. A secret to seeing results sooner? Don’t go out of the gates too fast. Despite your bounding enthusiasm to get started, start slow with two to three workouts this week. Then in a few weeks add more time or frequency to your workouts. You’ll see results sooner, avoid too much muscle soreness and become more fit faster!”

Identify what you truly want for Y-O-U

Perkins also forgoes new year’s resolutions. Instead, the Promax Nutrition DOer, recommends digging deep to determine what you really want for your life, then reach for it.

Perkins explains, “Getting in shape for 2012 is about forgetting ‘resolutions.’ Ask yourself what you truly want for yourself, your family and your life. Spend a moment and identify the essence of your goals and really sit with them. If you can find true meaning in your desires, you’ll be off the couch and on the treadmill in no time.”

Diet right

Robert Marting, fitness author and Promax Nutrition DOer, has three basic rules for eating right.

  1. Stay away from processed/fast foods.
  2. Use substitutions for the cheat foods you like, just with fewer, basic ingredients you can find at any market (this is the more do-it-yourself version), like Grandma used to do. Going back to basics will do your long-term health (and waistline) some good.
  3. Cook your food in bulk for storage (like a bag of chicken breasts that you cook all at one time) so you don’t have to cook often if you prefer not to .


Dream big but set realistic goals

Jenny Fletcher, professional triathlete and Oakley Ambassador, says, “Set goals. First and foremost, set realistic goals and, secondly, set dream goals — the ones that keep you striving and inspire you to keep trying. It’s important to set realistic goals first, because if you set unrealistic ones like, eating no sugar or wanting to lose 50 pounds in two weeks, chances are you’re going to break it. Most people are not able to meet their goals because they’re not realistic. How about saying, ‘I’m going to start by cutting down on sugar’ or ‘I want to lose 50 pounds but first I’m just going to focus on five pounds at a time’? Baby steps! The key to success is to dream big but realize getting there takes time and is a process with ups and downs and highs and lows!”


Detox with a cleanse

Shel Pink SpaRitual lifestyle futurist and Slow Beauty leader advocates clean eating for your health, wellness and beauty.

She suggests, “Consider eating clean as part of your 2012 approach to beauty. This month, choose a cleanse that is appropriate for your lifestyle to give your digestive system a rest from too much holiday activity. Your body will thank you by releasing toxins. Cleanses renew, an important aspect of a holistic approach to beauty, health and wellness — a growing movement called Slow Beauty.”

Read labels and understand every ingredient in packaged food

Veronica Bosgraaf, lifestyle expert and Pure Bar founder, says if you can’t read it, don’t eat it.

She explains, “When I created the Pure Bar for my daughter, I wanted every ingredient to be healthy and functional. If you read the ingredient list you will see that. I live by that same principle when I buy other packaged foods. I read the ingredients and make sure I can understand what every ingredient is. If I can’t, I find an alternative product whose ingredients I do understand! It’s that simple.”

Snack smart

Alex Bandanza, BS, ACE-CPT, a Promax Nutrition DOer, recommends, “Always have a small, healthy snack with you. I recommend Promax Low Sugar bars, so you never feel starving. Try to eat every two to three hours. This will keep your body in a balanced state. If you feel more comfortable making your own snacks, try my whey-walnut muffins. Recipe below!”

Whey-walnut muffins recipe

Yields 24 mini muffins


  • 2 cups oats
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 scoops vanilla Scivation Whey
  • 2 ripe bananas (mashed)
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
  • 6 packets Splenda
  • A couple of chocolate chips on each (optional — but delicious)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and spray a 24 mini-muffin pan with cooking spray.
  2. Mix all ingredients except chocolate chips in a large bowl.
  3. Fill prepared muffin pan with banana mixture.
  4. Bake for about 10 minutes.

Woman dancing

Just get up and dance

Billy Blanks Jr. and Sharon Catherine Blanks, creators of the Dance with Me Fitness DVD and Promax Nutrition DOers, want you to groove and move your way into shape.

The dance duo suggests, “For 2012, make working out enjoyable! We want to get everyone up on their feet to dance whenever and wherever they can this year! Dancing is one of the best forms of fitness; it is fun, effective and makes you feel great. You do not have to be a professional dancer for your body to reap the benefits (gentlemen, this means you, too)! Our fitness-based program, Dance With Me, is different from any other program because it utilizes all styles of dance. Another important tip for 2012: This has to be the year to clear the clutter! Whether you’re clearing clutter emotionally or physically, you have to clean house!”

Lemon water

Drink, drink, and drink some more

Kacie Fischer is an inline skater and Promax Nutrition DOer who stresses the importance of staying well-hydrated for health.

The athlete says, “Drink water in the winter. Because your body is not sweating as much, it’s easy to overlook the signs of dehydration. A dehydrated body can lead to exhaustion, muscle fatigue, cramps, loss of coordination and even stroke. Dehydration can also leave your body more susceptible to common colds and flu, which are both more common in the winter, so drink up!”

Go gluten-free — gradually

ESPN/ABC reporter Jamie Little suggests following a gluten-free diet but to do it gradually and see how it benefits your health.

Little says, “This year, test the waters of the ‘gluten-free’ world. I am easing into the gluten-free idea myself. Start with cereals, and then extend to pancakes and even certain (yummy) beers. As we learn more about gluten and how it’s not good for us, I challenge you to slowly move away from it for optimal nutrition.”

Ditch the gym – sometimes

Jessica Mendoza, two-time Olympic medalist, USA softball, ESPN sideline reporter and color analyst, recommends taking your fitness outdoors to add variety to your gym-centered workouts.

She says, “As much as I have used the gym as my place for getting in shape in the past, I am setting goals to do more outside of the gym. I downloaded the Nike Get Fit app for free that has a million different ideas for ways I can stay in shape, depending on time, energy and goals for that day. The more I can mix it up, the better!”

Olive oil

Improve your diet one small step at a time

Lashinda Demus, USA track and field Olympian, suggests baby steps instead of a total overhaul of your diet.

The American record holder says, “It’s really hard to commit to eating healthier but once you decide to do it, start with small things so you won’t get discouraged. One small tip is to begin to bake meat and stay away from frying. If you feel like you need fried food, simply replace vegetable oils with olive oil!”


Hit the hay for health

Billy Miller, former tight end and Elite Performance Factory owner, recommends,”Get sleep. Eight hours are what is recommended for full recovery of the brain and body. This will help your muscles recover in between consecutive workouts.”

Love your sweat

Heather Dorak, Pilates Platinum owner suggests, “Sweat it out!! Sweating while exercising is one of the best things your body can do to keep itself healthy, and is actually therapeutic. Sweating will help your skin look healthier than ever, maintain a desirable temperature level, assist in weight loss, reduce stress and remove toxins. Work up a good sweat on a regular basis and achieve long-term health benefits.”

Snack smarter

Grete Eliassen, professional freeskier, says, “I am on the road a lot, so it’s hard to eat well while traveling. I like to have a snack pack with me whenever I’m traveling somewhere, which usually includes organic fruit snacks, granola bars, fresh fruit, a sandwich, carrots and water.”

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Posted on: January 25, 2012
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