Steph Davis attends the PETA West Coast Headquarters Grand Opening |

Steph Davis attends the PETA West Coast Headquarters Grand Opening

I am a supporter and longtime fan of PETA, the ASPCA, the American Humane Society and the ALDF, four groups who have worked tirelessly to defend and help animals—and as Ingrid Newkirk memorably commented at the opening party for PETA’s new west coast headquarters in LA  “animals need all the friends they can get.”

It was a huge thrill for me to be invited to the party in the Bob Barker building and the timing was perfect. I was planning a trip to SoCal to stop in at prAna’s new headquarters and to work on some new shoe designs at Evolv . Andre Walker accompanied me to the party and even took me to get dressed by his designer friend Meghan at her studio!

L.A. parties and red carpets are not my natural environment, but it was a wonderful evening! For me, the highlight was meeting the friends I’ve made at PETA via email, Michelle, Amber, Lisa and Ingrid, and also getting to have a conversation with Bob Barker, someone I’ve long admired for his commitment to helping animals. The Bob Barker building itself was beautiful and the PETA team was clearly thrilled and appreciative of Bob’s generosity in contributing to this move.

Naturally the vegan food and drinks were delicious ;D and it felt great to be surrounded by a group of people united in a common vision to bring more compassion to the world. Thanks PETA & Andre for a great party!

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