Contributing Editor Shel Pink talks about Pedicure Safety on |

Contributing Editor Shel Pink talks about Pedicure Safety on

How to Avoid a Pedicure Nightmare (of the Fungus-y Variety)

When I walk into a spa or salon for a pedicure treatment, my mind is filled with thoughts of a relaxing foot soak, scrub and massage. Just the thought of a pedicure makes me feel more at ease. I’m also thinking about which fun color I’m going to select for my toes. But when I book a pedicure, I never want to go into it with paranoia. We’ve all heard those pedicure nightmares of the fungus-y kind.

There are some pedicure fears that we need to be aware of. They include: Fungal infections such as nail fungus, athlete’s foot, and bacterial skin infections including MRSA, also known as Staph infection. (Triple yikes!) That’s why I do my research before I select a spa or salon.

Before your next pedi, here’s how to screen your salon:

When vetting a spa or salon inquire about how the foot spas are maintained. You want to hear that they are disinfected after each client and that the process takes at least 10 minutes to complete. You also want to make sure that the disinfectant they use is EPA-approved.

Bring in your own nail care tools. This is the only way to ensure that there is absolutely no bacteria or fungus from another customer. Your tool kit should include a nail nipper, cuticle nipper, cuticle pusher and curette cleaner. If you don’t want to bring your own stuff with you, then select a spa or salon that sterilizes their metal implements in individually sealed envelopes in a steam autoclave. They should use a fresh set just for you. Also, make sure that the nail technician uses a brand new file for your service.

Select spas and salons that use nail care brands whose formulas do not contain the hot-button ingredients Dibutyl Phtalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde, including Formaldehyde Resin. Look for “3-Free” brands for both nail lacquers and nail care treatments. I recommend SpaRitual or Orly nail lacquers and nail care treatment products when it comes selecting brands with safer formulas.

Having a pedicure is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing experiences and complements your Slow Beauty practice. I highly recommend the following spas and salons that offer their clients a beautiful and safe pedicure experience. They are known for their high standards of service, treatment offerings and sanitation.

Isle Pedi Spa: There are four locations in Houston, TX. They list their sanitation procedure on their website, too.
Exhale: They have multiple locations around the country.
Jose Eber: They are located in Beverly Hills, CA.
Soak Nails: They are located in Encino, CA and list their sanitation policy on their website too.

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