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Promax DOer Temryss Lane Featured on

Making the most out of every minute

I’ve always said that being an athlete, or being a “sporty girl,” is as much about mentality and attitude as it is about actual athletic achievement. But, “sports magic” occurs when the athletic mentality meets genetic predisposition and wholehearted dedication to sport. That’s a rare combination, and one I can’t say I ever achieved, so I’m always thrilled to touch base with women who have had the chance to take their mental edge to the next level in sport. Temryss Lane is one of those women. As a former pro soccer player for the US National program and for Sweden’s professional league, she knows the kind of physical, mental and emotional dedication sport requires. And as any true athlete can attest, that dedication doesn’t stop when the game ends. She’s turned her athleticism into a lifelong career and while she rehabs from her most recent knee surgery in an effort to return to soccer, she stays busy as a Promax DOer, coach, TV sport broadcaster and fitness model. So I had to know – how does she handle it all and what keeps her going?

Training, rehab and making time for it all

GirlsGoneSporty (GGS): You’re a coach, fitness model and TV broadcaster – how do you juggle all your roles and continue making time for fitness and sports?

Temryss Lane (TL): Ha! I laugh because sometimes it’s a real challenge, especially when I’m traveling. But the truth is, if I don’t feel good, I don’t perform my best as an athlete or a presenter. I don’t feel good without some type of exercise. There is always time for fitness, even if it’s only 30 to 40 minutes. I am pretty forgiving if I only get a 30 minute routine plus some ab workout in because at least I did something. The goal is to do something active 5 times a week. It’s always best to start my day with a workout, but if I don’t do it in the morning, then I’ll workout between meetings. You can always find times, it just has to be a priority.

GGS: In addition to training in team sports, you’ve been trained in ballet – how important do you think it is for athletes to cross-train across multiple disciplines?

TL: Very important. You learn a lot more about your body and its strengths and weaknesses when you cross-train. Plus, it keeps your fitness regimen interesting and fun.

GGS: You’ve suffered three major knee injuries and have undergone three surgeries. How do you keep staying motivated through the injuries to continue rehabbing and training?

TL: Unfortunately, injury is part of the game. Like many athletes, it’s really one of the largest life obstacles I’ve had to overcome. I think once you’ve endured your first devastating injury, the others become a little easier because you’ve been through it before and you know you’ve gotten through it, so you can do it again.

This last surgery was very different because unlike the first two surgeries, my goal this time is to just get healthy, not necessarily get back out on the field in a hurry. It’s been nice to heal at a relaxed rate.

My motivation comes from my desire to be back on the field playing the sport I love, to be at my top strength, and really to be able to enjoy running again.

GGS: A lot of athletes struggle with depression when rehabbing due to forced rest and uncertainty about the healing process. If you start feeling depressed or down, how do you go about picking yourself back up again?

TL: Some of the best advice I’ve been given is to be kind, patient and gentle with yourself. I remind myself that life isn’t always going to move at the pace I want it to, but rather, at the pace I need. So when I have my frustrating days, I allow myself to really feel that emotion, knowing it’s going to pass.

Practicing patience with yourself is key. Let go of your regrets and be nice to yourself, reward yourself, and before you know it you’ll be on the up and up.

GGS: You’re still rehabbing from your most current surgery – how is rehab going?

TL: Rehab is going really well. I’m still not running and I’m itching to. But I’ve recently started back in on Bikram Yoga and I love it. It gives me the 90 minute challenge parallel to a soccer match and it is very mentally challenging. I still have some knee discomfort, but not much pain. I’m anxious to be cleared to run and then to play.

GGS: What’s a typical week look like for you as you train?

TL: Bikram Yoga two to three times a week – I like the 7:00 a.m. classes, but sometimes the 120-degree temperature wipes me out for the day, so it varies. Then I hit the gym two to three times a week – I spend anywhere from 40 minutes to two hours in the gym depending on the time I have. Usually it includes 30 to 45 minutes of cardio on a bike or elliptical runner plus leg exercises with resistance bands, an upper body circuit and always some core work.

I also attend physical therapy two times a week which mostly consists of Pilates work.

GGS: What’s in your gym bag?

TL: A reusable water bottle. Promax Nutrition bars, resistance band, headphones and a change of clothes, especially after Bikram!

GGS: What’s your go-to healthy food or snack?

TL: Bananas and Promax bars, especially post-workout.

GGS: Who is your favorite designer?

TL: I’m not a huge designer kinda girl, but I love to shop at Express and Bebe. I can always find something appropriate for the occasion: causal, business professional, or sleek and sexy.

My favorite athletic designer is NIKE N7. I’m an ambassador for the Nike N7 brand but that’s not why I love it. I love it for it’s style, it’s colors and most of all it’s purpose. 100% of the proceeds from N7 product go back into the N7 fund. The goal of N7 is to empower Native American youth through sport. Its a marriage of two of my passions: soccer/sport + my native community. Here’s our Ethos: In every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations yet to come. Powerful, right?!

GGS: Do you have any must-have beauty products?

TL: Love my Olay tinted moisturizer, plus chapstick always!

GGS: What does “live the sporty life” mean to you?

TL: I’m a jock. So it means everything.

On turning 30

GGS: You’re turning 30 in just over a month – do you have any big plans for your 30th birthday? Maybe things you want to accomplish before the big day or “bucket list” items you’d like to achieve now that you’re turning 30?

TL: I want to feel super sexy, fit and happy! I’m having a bonfire/wine tasting on the beach with as many friends as possible. I’m really looking forward to 30! 2012 has been a great year already, but I’ve got lots more to do!

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Posted on: April 19, 2012
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