Shel Pink talks about the 7 Outposts of Slow Beauty on |

Shel Pink talks about the 7 Outposts of Slow Beauty on

The 7 Secrets to Looking Young Forever

Though we totally get the pressure to look young (we live, after all, in a city of 22-year-old aspiring starlets), we have always believed that natural enhancements are best — especially for broke girls — as going au naturel will both save you money and prevent you from looking like a “real housewife.” So, when we heard about Slow Beauty, a new website founded by entrepreneur Shel Pink, we immediately felt she was onto something.

The basic concept behind Slow Beauty is that the whole anti-aging movement is a negative one; we should instead focus on slow aging. Shel has outlined seven “outposts” to help us achieve this delayed aging process, which she explains as follows:

1. Self-Expression

By connecting to our inner child, we become creative, and creativity leads to innovation. For this outpost I recommend reconnecting with a form of self-expression that you enjoyed as a child. It could be dance, writing poetry, playing an instrument, etc. — whatever it is, do it. Expressing yourself boosts self-confidence and increases your ability to be creative. Forego perfectionism and approach life like an artist, in process.

2. Nourished Mind

Earlier this year, the National Bureau of Economic Research published a paper stating that learning leads to happiness and longevity. This outpost explores fascinating things to read, beautiful things to admire, exhilarating music to listen to, and fun places to visit. I recommend playing around on the website of Marjainez, an artist who is inspired by children’s books. For travel adventures, take a look at independent travel hub Fathom. If you’re on a budget, simply find your home town on their site and plan a staycation. Discover things you never knew about where you live.

3. Renewal

This outpost is about cleanses, downtime, and a good night’s sleep. An easy and inexpensive way to experience this outpost is to daydream, which is the ultimate downtime. A new study published in the journal Psychological Science correlates daydreaming with the ability to retain and recall information in the midst of distractions.

4. Mindful Consumption

Instead of consuming mindlessly, consume mindfully, which means supporting brands with ethical philosophies. If you are seeking eco-fashion, I recommend Amour Vert, a stylish, pret-a-porter line of clothing made in the U.S. and designed by a Parisian native. Also, the best way to consume mindfully is to reduce consumption, which is very easy to do on a budget!

5. Rituals

Elevate your beauty routine to a beauty ritual. For instance, try giving yourself an at-home foot massage from the Ayurvedic tradition, which can prevent dryness, cracks, numbness, fatigue, sciatica, insomnia, and cramps. According to the Vedic scriptures, daily massage from the foot to the knee before bedtime prevents disease.

6. Spa Tradition

The spa environment encourages us to slow down, breathe, and divest ourselves of our fast-paced lives. Spa Finder is an excellent resource to locate spas in your area. Check out the section called “deals” to find a deal near you. To read about the scientific evidence supporting the benefits of various spa treatments, visit Spa Evidence.

One simple and affordable way to bring the outpost of spa tradition home is to give yourself a luxurious foot soak. Add organic sea salt to hot water to cleanse and encourage meditation and relaxation. Another way to promote body and energy balance is to put your right foot into a lukewarm basin while putting the left foot into a bowl of cold water. Light a soy candle and take deep breaths in, exhaling through your nose, to relax and encourage deeper sleep

7. Meditation

Some of the benefits of meditation include stress reduction, slowing of the aging process, diminished anxiety, and clarity of mind. One of the meditation practices I’ve experienced is called Mindfulness. It is accessible and easy to learn. I recommend visiting the website of the UCLA Semel Institute. Here you can access information on the technique, enroll in online meditation courses, or download free mindfulness meditations.

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Posted on: April 20, 2012
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