Shel Pink talks foot treatments on Healthy Bitch Daily |

Shel Pink talks foot treatments on Healthy Bitch Daily

Soothe and Detoxify Your Barking Feet With This Natural Treatment

After carrying you around all day stuffed in stilettos, your feet deserve some TLC.

Plus, they should always be in top condition in case you need to kick some pervert in the balls.

Just sayin’.

Unhappy Feet

Modern heels (and flats) often lack the arch support your poor feetsies need, and it’s actually worse for you than you might think. Stress and strain on your feet can cause all kinds of problems in your legs, lower spine and hips. And while pretty pedicures are great, according to the Ayurvedic tradition, daily foot massage has a wide range of health benefits: stress relief, improving circulation, detoxification and bolstering your immune system.

Massage Me, Please

There is a simple foot treatment called Padabhyanga (good luck pronouncing that one), and it combines a foot soak and massage.
This easy five-step treatment will help prevent dryness, cracks and roughness of the skin; numbness, fatigue, sciatica and cramps; and contraction of ligaments, vessels and muscles of the feet and legs. It also promotes sturdy limbs and feet, strength for walking and sound sleep. Give it a go when you could use a little self-care:

Step 1. Fill a bowl (large enough to fit both of your feet) with hot water along with crushed fresh mint. The aromatherapeutic properties of the mint along with the soothing warm water will clear the mind, stimulate the senses and begin to heal tired soles.

Step 2. Immerse your feet into the foot bath and let them soak for 15-20 minutes. Add more warm water if necessary to ensure the herbal bath remains warm and comfortable throughout the soak.

Step 3. Remove feet from bath, pat dry and tap them with relaxed fingertips for about a minute. This is said to alert your body that it’s about to receive a massage. Think of it like knocking at someone’s front door so they know that you’ve arrived.

Step 4. After your feet have been properly alerted, with a drop of sesame oil, knead the feet as if you were kneading bread, but tread lightly. Not too hard, not too soft, but just right.

Step 5. Knead away for a few minutes on each foot and then transition into long strokes, massaging the top and bottom of both feet. Use more oil if necessary. Be sure to press between the big toe and the index toe to stimulate one of the many important “Marma” points located throughout the body. FYI -Marma point therapy is used to detoxify, tone and rejuvenate the body.

Step 6. After the massage, end the treatment with a loving squeeze to both feet.

Practice this ritual before bed each day, and give your tired toesies something to get excited about beyond this season’s peep-toe Manolos.

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