Snoop inside Shel Pink’s Eco Expert Beauty Stash |

Snoop inside Shel Pink’s Eco Expert Beauty Stash

Whenever I use the bathroom at someone else’s house, I can’t help but look inside their medicine cabinet and take stock of the beauty products they use. It says so much about someone, doesn’t it? I realize it may not be the most polite behavior, but I have my beauty editor job as an excuse — it’s research!

So when I set out to ask five of the top natural experts in the beauty business for pictures of their makeup bags and medicine cabinets, I was thrilled to be indulging my (admittedly rude) voyeuristic tendencies. And thankfully, they were more than happy to oblige. They each sent a photograph — which they took themselves — giving us a glimpse inside their personal beauty stashes.

While I’m curious about the products just about anyone uses, these experts are particularly fascinating. Each one is the founder of her own natural beauty line, and they all have a holistic, ecologically-friendly approach to beauty.

If you’ve ever wondered which natural products to try, who better to look to than the creators of natural lines? Of course they all use their own products first and foremost, but there are plenty of other brands highlighted here as well — and that’s the part that’s really interesting. It’s like finding out which toothpaste a dentist uses at home — rather than the freebie products he or she stocks in the office. It’s personal and honest — and I didn’t even have to sneak inside their bathrooms to get the information.

Shel Pink, founder of SpaRitual

After a few years working for a major nail polish brand, Shel Pink noticed a gap in the market: She couldn’t find natural, vegan nail care products and polishes that actually work. So she founded SpaRitual in 2004 to do just that. Today, the company’s focus is “slow beauty” — which emphasizes taking time to care for yourself in an environmentally friendly way. Pink lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children, where she’s involved with numerous non-profit organizations.

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